Saturday, August 22, 2009

Tranny Vocab Lesson 1 : Get Over Yourself

Attention, kiddies - it's time to put on your thinking caps because Tranny Vocab is about to begin. In this series, The Tranny Times explores the varied and wonderful lexicon of Williamsburg trannies. Today's lesson is Get Over Yourself.

Get over yourself. is a term most often said by exasperated trannies who are mad about something but not sure what so they put it all on you. Get over yourself. provokes many existential questions in the thinking tranny's mind: Who is 'your', and what should 'your' be over? You? I hope so!

Let's explore the possible meanings behind Get over yourself:

1) Get Over Yourself: What is said to someone who takes themselves a bit too seriously and is one snotty way to tell someone "chill out already".

2) Get Over Yourself: Patronizing phrase used to tell someone that you believe they hold too high an opinion of themselves, or are behaving in a conceited or pompous manner.

3) Get Over Yourself: a phrase little pussies use when they can't win an argument with a real counterpoint.

4) Get Over Yourself: If you're the one saying it you're JEALOUS.

Choose your own adventure when it comes to interpreting the meaning behind Get over yourself. but remember, it says far more about the person saying it than it does the intended audience.

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  1. That phrase has never made sense to me. Usually the people who us it are jealous, projecting or just messes. Messy-ass trannies!