Friday, October 30, 2009

Best (hair) for Day

The "super deluxe" version of Ga's The Fame: Monster comes complete with 3-D glasses for viewing forthcoming Gaga visuals, the Book of Gaga, which is described as a highly-stylized coffee table book, the album itself with eight new songs, and a lock of her real hair. This is for die-hard Ga's only and all for just $114.98! Chump change!

On another note, looking forward to seeing all of you Ga's out tomorrow night. TTT will be in full effect, paparazzi and all...

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Spot on.

Good service should never be an exception (especially in this town). Here is a tid-bit from the Times that needs to be circulated amongst the WAMR crowd. Do your part and pass it on:

Best For Day 20: Levi Johnston

Levi Johnston taking it all off for Playgirl and airing the Palins' dirty laundry is a guilty pleasure and best for day.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Spotted@ Mr. Maddox's first 29th Birthday Bash

B-Bar, home of the Tuesday night Beige party, played host to a very special birthday on Sunday when Matt Maddox celebrated his first annual 29th birthday with an afternoon soirée for 80. Mr. Maddox entertained on the outdoor patio with scrumptious hors de'ourves, cocktails and his renowned charm. The centerpiece of the celebration was the singing of "Happy Birthday" around a delicious Italian chocolate birthday cake from Veniero's bearing a boyhood likeness of everyone's favorite lawyer. Being Mr. Popular, Maddox's birthday was essentially a Fire Island reunion. Spotted: . . . textbook GPC, Nick George and Joey Fernandez making sure everything ran smoothly . . . executive recruiter to legal hotshots, Ru Bhatt . . . Maddox's FIP housemates, Joe Nuzzi, Walter Frye, Brent Pelton, and Tom Carberry (singing show tunes as usual) . . . ginge-daddy Ted Shields . . . blogger, Zee Bdr and his man..... language aficionado, corporate lawyer and the recently (and thankfully) un-mustached David Cody Dydek . . . Jon Biondo, Ryan Coutu, and Tim Horman, the party-trio behind . . .

Tranny Vocab Lesson 9: Gay Power Couple

Attention, kiddies - it's time to put on your thinking caps because Tranny Vocab is about to resume. In this series, The Tranny Times explores the varied and wonderful lexicon of Williamsburg trannies. Today's lesson is GPC or Gay Power Couple.

GPC (Gay Power Couple) [gee-pee-see] noun: the union of two rockstar homos forming an unstoppable force on business, fame and social fronts. (additional reading: Power Gay)

The GPC formula
Gays who escape their boondock beginnings and make it to any big city are overachievers by nature. When two power queens or über-sucessful Sapphos meet and fall in love, their combined power is multiplied many times more than the sum of their respective parts. For a GPC to be a true GPC, both gays must bring something to the table. For example, Marc Jacobs was not in a GPC when dating Jason Preston because Jason Preston was, well, a prostitute. MJ is now in a GPC with PR and social powerhouse Lorenzo Martone. But beware, the math doesn't always work. Despite being one part Nickelodeon exec. and one part media powerhouse, the Kelli Carpenter Rosie O'Doneell union was never a GPC, end of discussion. The newest Manhattan GPC is Broadway stars Jonathan Groff and Gavin Creel. One is a Tony award nominee for "Spring Awakening" and the other is the star or "Hair", a classic GPC equation.
GPCs Simon Doonan and Jonathan Adler, Ellen DeGeneres and Portia De Rossi, Lorenzo Martone and Marc Jacobs

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Best for Burglary

The just-legal girls at the heart of the Hollywood Hills celebrity burglary ring are amazzzzze.

Binge & Purge

Hola, Kitties. Here are this week's binge-and-purge guidelines. Soak it up, Kitty-Kats! Binge on the below and for God's sake, please purge the latter block of resentment. Reign it in, trannies. Regin it in.


1. True/Traditional Social Networking - One of a tranny's greatest assets is his network, and we don't mean Verizon, chickadee. Like any good tranny you're most likely a people person. You've got 250 numbers in your Blackberry, 800 friends on Facebook and haven't spent a Saturday night alone since George W.'s first term. But what is the point of rampant popularity if you don't put it to good use? Put your connectedness to work. Have an unemployed buddy? Consider who else you know in the field to introduce him to. Have a great friend who's always whining about being single? Shut him up on a dinner date with another boyfriendless buddy. Be a uniter not a divider, like Abe Lincoln, Martin Luther Kind Jr., and Lady Gaga! Make some people connections and good things will happen.

2. Grinder – Oh Apple, up to your old tricks again – looping us DINKs in with your shiny new toys and applications. Our latest find, Grinder, is an application that locates other trannies looking for a little boom-boom and lists them by proximity to you. That’s right, kittens – this app locates your GPS coordinates and lets you pick from a bevy of tickity-tack iPhone-bearing boned-up boys near you. It even tells you how far/close your future trick is located, be it feet or miles. A word of wisdom, though - don’t be lazy. No fake-F*cking (see below), or “Grinding” while your friends are sitting right next to you. Have some couth, Mary. Go big or go home (with your new, big find).

3. In-home Bartenders - A bartender is a cheap way to make hosting your next party mounds easier and a touch more fab. Imagine not worrying about the status of your mixers, bottle-necking in your kitchen or the next-day's clean-up. An in-home bartender takes care of drink-making and inventory all whilst clearing glasses from tabletops as the night unfolds - leaving you with more time to attend to your guests. Bartenders saves money, too: Chug-a-lug Donna won't suck down all your Ketel if she has someone between her and the bottle. And here's a free bartender idea: next time one of your altruistic friends is collecting money for some AIDS walk, invite him to "celebrity bartend" at your house with a donation jar. Tips go to a good cause, your friends get buzzed and everybody wins!

1. Fake-F*cking - We’ve all been down this road once or twice (for some far more than twice!) – so let’s cut the red tape we seem to endlessly create. If you are trolling for a trick online, be it CraigsList, Manhunt, Adam4Adam, etc., make a commitment. Go for the gold, trannies! If you log on, you should get off. No more endless e-mail chains, faceless torsos (that aren’t actually you) or “browsing.” Be a lady of your word and follow through. Might we also suggest the usual weekend Boiler Room/The Hose/Sugarland in-person cruising grounds. Either way, make it work. We all know a girl has needs – no judgment passed. As a wise tranny once said, “You have to get up to shut it down.” Make haste, kitty-kats, make haste.

2. Social media slutiness - A trick is a trick is a trick. Leave it at that. Don’t kick him out and then scramble to piece together enough information to add him on Facebook. Have some class, sass-a-frass. You know you are only friending him to:
a) Show your friends who you went home with last night;
b) See if his photos indicate he is attractive/worth another romp.
While both of the above options are valid, only Facebook friend if you can handle not defriending him hours later when you decided he was a mistake, regret, etc. Be strategic in you Facebook friending. That way, when you do find a worthy ally, you don’t have to suffer the embrassment of going through “mutual friends,” AKA who you both have bumped gingies with.

3. UggsWe can't believe we're still talking about these! We don’t care if you are from Long Island and you “started” the trend. Uggs are best for never. There’s nothing worse than seeing a twink tramp down the street with fake Prada shades and jeans tucked into Uggs – be it boy or girl. Why on earth would you wear suede shoes in the snow? Please spread the word, just like last year’s bout with syphilis, burn your Uggs. Think of it a shoe holocaust: Never again. Ever.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Best For Day 19 : New York I Love You

This soggy Saturday TTT paid a visit to the Landmark Sunshine on E Houston to see New York I Love You. Like Paris, je t'aime before it, NYILY is a tribute to a city told through true-to-life stories from different directors. Save for a few hiccups (like a character suggesting Balthazar for dinner and Pastis for dessert and a complete lack of homo-characters), the film's portrayal of New York and New Yorkers was pretty spot-on. It's a love note to the city, a reminder of how great and diverse the experience of living here is and best for day.

Tranny Vocab Lesson 8: Gong

Attention, kiddies - it's time to put on your thinking caps because Tranny Vocab is about to resume. In this series, The Tranny Times explores the varied and wonderful lexicon of Williamsburg trannies. Today's lesson is Gong.

Gong [gawng] noun: terminal fail, complete disaster, an utter disappointment

History and Usage: The concept of Gong originates in the 1970's variety show parody "The Gong Show". On the show, contestants presented their acts before a panel of judges who scored them on a scale of 1 to 10. When an act was particularly heinous, a gong was brought on stage and struck and the act would immediately come to an end. Also, it was the '70s and everyone was high as a fucking kite on Columbian marching powder so . . . yeah there's that, too.

Trannies use Gong today to describe a person, place or thing that is a true mess or let down. For example, "Sugarland on Friday is a real gong show.", "The guy I took home last night was a gonger by the light of day.", "That party is on the Jefferson stop so I'm going to preordain that a gong right now."

Friday, October 23, 2009

Best for Day 18 : Joan Collins

Before becoming the world's first snowcat, Joan Collins was the ultimate glamour puss. Of course every tranny remembers Joan as Alexis Morell Carrington Colby Dexter Rowan from "Dynasty", Oh those hats! The bitch is back with a new show in the UK aimed at bringing glamour back to the great unwashed. Essentially, the diva feels women are too sloppy and preoccupied with being on the internet, texting, emailing and watching TV to look good. Sigh. What else would you expect from a lady like Joan? Watch "Joan Does Glamour", it's touching and of course, best for day.

Missed Connections 8

The Tranny Times believes in love. Whether it takes you to a Wainscot colonial with a white picket fence or to White Castle after the lights come up at The Mothership, we support men meeting men! As a public service, The Tranny Times trolls Craigslist Missed Connections looking for ads from the love lorn. Each week we collect the best.

Quite the finale to your vinyasa . . .
We were both at Sunac around 8:15 Monday night. We caught each other's eye a few times. You walked outside and were getting on your bike as I was checking out. I walked out and you rode past me. Wish I had the balls to say something... I have buzzed hair and was dripping sweat after Bikram. You were wearing track pants (maybe?) and had a backpack. Let's grab drinks?
For Downward Facing Dog dial 9 :

If this were 'Friends' you'd be Ross
we've seen each other a few times. sometimes we're on the same bus. you're cute, and should come upstairs if you want.
poor, sad, Ross :

Baseball Daddy!
saw you last night at the waterfront ale house watching the game. you caught me looking at you a few times. we both have gray hair. I know this is a long shot but you are really handsome so I thought I'd at least try. hit me up if by some miracle you see this.
Bat and Ball session :

Cop Fantasy on the G!
I was working in blue on the G Line today and you got on the train with me at Metropolitan, you had on a kahkis, sperrys, a jacket and backpack. I kinda wanted to keep it professional so I complimented you on your backpack. We exchanged pleasentries about your backpack when we got off at Greenpoint Avenue, and that was that. When you were leaving you said nice talking to you or something to that affect. You are really cute and had the most amazing eyes. If you see this please reply, I would love to chat more with you.
Make his nightstick yours! :

Well put your finger on it . . .
You got on the D train at 36th Street in Brooklyn and exited at 50th Street (Borough Park) today around 3:00pm. You had sunglasses pushed up on your head, a camouflage bag and paint-splattered jeans. I am almost certain I know you from somewhere, but I can't quite put my finger on it. I was standing a little ways away from you and we made eye contact a few times as you played with your Blackberry/iPhone/whatever, and I played with mine. Get in touch if you see this!
. . . and in it! :

Speaking Out: Phillip Spooner

Phillip Spooner is an 86 year-old U.S. Army veteran who served in five major battles in Europe during WWII including the Battle of the Bulge. In the video below, taken at an assembly in Maine, he shares his thoughts on freedom and marriage equality. I hope you're wearing waterproof mascara this morning, Tranny.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Best for Friday!



In celebration of the premiere and signature style of White CollarUSA is giving you a chance to bring home a fashion classic: a FREE custom-fitted white collared shirt. If you are in New York City, join us at the White Collar Shirt Bar this Thursday and Friday:

Rockefeller Center Channel Gardens 
49th Street, enter on Fifth Avenue 

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Best for Fashion

Confirmed: ticky-Tom will be launching a womenswear line in his namesake "very soon". Oh trannies, I can just see it now... sipping on stoli, mingling with Madge, all while peering over at the men's boutique sales staff across the street. It's a tranny dream come true.

Spotted @ Sugarbabies at the Townhouse

Last night the Sugarbabies held their monthly invasion of the Townhouse on E58th street. Over the tinkling of the piano and sound of martinis shaking, new faces joined the usual cast. Spotted at Sugarbabies . . . Natalie Whately with Courtney Cramer . . . James Hardin with his old friend and new arrival from Seattle, Braiden Eilers . . . creator of girl sites DigiRomp and JuicyPinkBox, Jincey Lumpkin . . . a bow tied Alvaro Soto . . . Gabriel Figueroa having a pre-kickball match drink . . . PR boy and tranny-in-training, Michael Grela . . .

Best for Sale

This Thursday through Saturday, potter-turn-housewares-god Jonathan Adler will make like his Barneys creative director life partner, Simon, and hold a warehouse sale. Schelp to Long Island City via the G or 7 trains and enjoy 30-70% off Jonathan Adler rugs, lighting, pottery, pillows, accessories and more. You at a sale! Your mother would be so proud.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Best for Cocktail

The Sugarbabies are at it again tonight with their monthly happy hour, "Townhouse Tuesdays". Get it together lady and join the gang after work for cheap drinks, sing-a-longs and socializing at The Townhouse. The event lasts from 6 to 10 or last man standing. Bow ties, blazers and all things "business" are encouraged for this evening of pleasure. See you at The Townhouse: 236 East 58th Street (Between 2nd and 3rd)

Monday, October 19, 2009

Best for Day 17

Usually when actors make music the result is so disastrous that it's become the go-to cliché for a bad idea. But we're loving this over-synthesized song from Gossip Girl, Leighton Meester. It's a sweet little ditty that stays just this side of cheesy thanks to Robin Thicke's Justin Timberlake-like vocals. Mazel, y'all, but remember to always quit while you're ahead.

Spotted @ Sunday Socializing: Disco Daddy and Vandam at Greenhouse

With memories of summer tea dances fading as fast as our once beach-ready figures, the fall party season is revving right up. As partying goes, Fridays are low-key, Saturdays are a given but Sundays are blazing new tranny trails. Disco Daddy downstairs at The Delancy is a real treat. Cute fashion boys bump body parts next to more rugged daddy-types. The music is house disco (think Grace Jones with a house beat) and the party starts at a Monday morning-friendly 6pm. The Vandam party at Greenhouse took a nosedive during the summer but reintroduced itself as the place to be with their killer VMA afterparty. The space of legend is back in full force with a hot crowd of every type including 6'5" trannies who put on outrageous hourly shows upstairs. Vandam at Greenhouse is THE party for fall '09. Spotted on Sunday . . . Eastern Bloc resident DJ Josh Sparber and boyfriend . . . Columbia cutie Brad Mullins . . . Hooman Pishdad and Jeff Fraiman hosting their friend Mikey from DC . . . Ehab Ammar and Mickael Dahan . . . the prettiest drag girl of them all, Bijoux . . .

Friday, October 16, 2009

Best for (Fri)day

Work it out McQueen. Just what the Dr. ordered, a little inspiration from Alexander McQueens S/S '10 collection to get your weekend rolling on this gloomy Friday afternoon. Dress it up tonight and get festive. TTT is living it up haus party style-- the higher the heels, the better.

Tranny Treks: Washington D.C.

Washington, D.C. : the seat of power of the free world and home to many, many posh and polished M4M politicos. It's a district of marble Hellenic-revival buildings, serious socializing and secret homo-rendezvouses. DADT and DOMA are up for repeal but the city of Obama is no freewheeling Bohemia. This is a town where fun runs rampant, but buttoned-up and behind closed doors.

Lets inspect how things compare in D.C. to our own home, Williamsburg:

Saturday evening festivities:
11211 - Picking up a few things at Marc Jacobs in the Village turns into afternoon drinks at the Cubby Hole. Get home in time for the sun to set-- drag your friends to the roofdeck with sweaters and Mexican coffees. Power nap and then back to the city for dinner at a corp. friends place in HK. The singles end up at Posh for what ends up being a great night of fun and dancing-- only regret: trying to find the C train on Sunday morning...

20001 - Mexican Tapas and margaritas in Chinatown for early evening followed by a stroll past the White House followed by Ga medley and cocktails with friends to get us bumping into the night. Drinks at Halo, then off the JR's. Glee videos and cheap vodka-sodas. Town which is packed with spottings of whatever celeb might be in the city and many many closeted congressional pages. Cobalt stop off a little younger mix when Town gets too daddy.

Libation of choice:
11211- Screwdrivers by day. Dry riesling at dinner, and V-S by night.

20001- Vodka. Redbull. Soda. Peroni.

Tracks on the dance floor:
11211- Kylie, Justin, Lady-G, Beyonce.

20001- Whitney galore, and plenty of Miley.

11211 - American Apparel v-necks, caps, cardigans. Average age -- 29

20001 - Bootcut jeans, button-downs, popped-collars and sporty ts. Average age-- 35

But, the most notable difference.........

20001 - WAMR free (well, almost) some of these boys may be serving you a caprese salad, but chances are they have a masters degree in biochem or an MBA from Georgetown. Homogeneous? yes. Bootcut everything? yes. But chances are you will at least go home with someone who has spent more time in a library than working as a hotel receptionist.

Missed Connections 7

The Tranny Times believes in love. Whether it takes you to a Wainscot colonial with a white picket fence or to White Castle after the lights come up at The Mothership, we support men meeting men! As a public service, The Tranny Times trolls Craigslist Missed Connections looking for ads from the love lorn. Each week we collect the best.

It's like staring in a mirror . . .
i was sitting eating tue morning, you came in and ordered to go. we made eye contact a couple of times...thought there was a spark in a wierd situation. lemme know if that's true, and anything else you remember. you are very good looking, i am too, but i guess you know that.
Side of NPD with your eggs, babe?:

1983 called, he wants his hook-up story back.

you followed me after i stared at you and then we walked around park slope talking and touching each other. we went to the park and jacked each other off. I want to come over to your apartment and fuck, suck and see what happens. should have gotten you number but wanted to keep it discreet. reply to me if you read this.
And that is how your uncle died of AIDS, kids:

Cashmere at the Morgan stop?
You got off at the Morgan stop, thought you were really cute.
You were in a hoody, had buzzed hair, tennis shoes.
Haha I've never posted anything on here it's pretty funny bc there pry no way you'll check this
anyways we made eye contact a couple times and smiled. you seem cute let's get a drink;)
I was in a grey cashmere hoody sitting diagonal from you btw. Haha
Next stop, Caviar at Canarsie!:

Panda cub spotted in DUMBO!
There was a cute, chubby Asian guy in Dumbo today? I LOVE cute, chubby Asian guys. So if you're looking, think of me! 6'1", brown/brown, 240. Weird post, right? Well, you never know. I'll let the other guy keep an eye out on my behalf. ha.
The only one living outside captivity!:

Winner! Grad school, DC and monogrammed sign-off:
I met you on the L after you kept looking at me and we talked about my current trip in DC for the March for Equality rally. You are in your first semester of grad school at NYU. Please reply if you see this. I'd love to continue our conversation from where we left off. Hope you read this and respond. -PJS
And they call it preppy-love:

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Must Hear : Free Gaga Remixes

Today, Masterbeat is offering 19 remixes of Lady Gaga's "Paparazzi" absolutely free. Who needs 19 remixes of "Paparazzi" you ask? Any true tranny, that's who! And for FREE?! You'd have to pay TTT NOT to take advantage. Clicky-clack you ticity-tac.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Binge & Purge

Hola, Kitties. Here are this week's binge-and-purge guidelines. Soak it up, Kitty-Kats! Binge on the below and for God's sake, please purge the latter block of resentment. Reign it in, trannies. Regin it in.

Wednesday Chelsea Art Gallery Openings - Rustle your feathers and head towards the Hudson on Wednesdays this fall. Art openings are great gatherings to catch up on the tranny trail with colleagues, besties and newbies. Free wine and provocative art are best for Wednesdays. Chelsea offers quite a robust listing of galleries to direct your rump to on hump day.

2. Merino Wool V-neck Sweaters: Cashmere works wonders, but we're in a recession, sweetness. Merino wool offers the softness of cashmere but at a fraction of the price. Wear it to work over an oxford - hell, even dress it up with a bow tie. Go casual and wear it with a pair of jeans, sans-shirt underneath.

3. Halloween Plans: Make haste, make haste! It's time to cement those ghoul day plans and get your costume in order. Don't be stranded waiting in line at Ricky's the day before Halloween. Group costumes are all the rage - even your TTT editors are making it pop with a surprise devotion to a certain Haus of tranny.

Old Leather Coats: Get it together, trannies. It's time to clean out your closets and get rid of those tacky, 90's leather coats. Bomber style-coats and buttery, slim fitting modernized coats are all the rage. Leave the past in the past - and the awful cow skin!

Closely Cropped Locks: Now that winter is upon us, it's time to put your #2 fade away and let the follicles flow. Slightly longer hair keeps you relevant and at times, warmer. Save your skin-baring cuts for the spring/summer. Let down your hair, Rapunzel - you'll be sure to have a tranny-trick climbing up that happy trail.

3. L Train delays: Even though it is completely out of our control, train delays must be purged. There's nothing like sitting in a steel tube trapped under a river because of "train traffic" ahead - and all while relying on good ol' American tunnel engineering from the beginning of last century. The beginning of winter unfortunately marks the onset of morning train delays. Ugh. I die.

Best For Day : The Most Hated Family in America

You've probably heard of the Phelps clan, even if you don't realize it. They're the family that make up The Westboro Baptist Church, a religious order that gets straight to the theological point on their webpage The Westboro Baptist Church is well known for picketing burial services, usually those of downed soldiers and gays killed in hate crimes, but the group has also popped up in seemingly politically neutral places like Walter Cronkite's funeral in July. The founder, Fred Phelps, was a TV talkshow regular in the 90s, but is now an old man. His daughter, Shirley Phelps-Roper, is the one you'll see on Larry King Live and Fox News these days. The church recently paid a visit to Fort Greene to “teach the rebels of Brooklyn what good looks like, and you had better behave.” and were met with chants of "suck my dick" from local high school students.

Their blunt and frankly offensive preaching style makes them an easy group to hate, which makes them ripe fodder for documentary. "The Most Hated Family in America" follows Louis Theroux as he lives with the Phelps family in Topeka, Kansas, trying understand the people behind the signs and chants.

The film reveals the Phelps to be a wholesome, close-knit family suffering from mass psychosis. In non-hysterical moments, Shirley Phelps is a really good mom who cares about her children a great deal. Her oldest daughter, Megan, seems to struggle the most with her family's one-of-a-kind belief system. At 21, she's enrolled in college and exposed to what she is missing out on by staying in the church. Megan seems the most likely to bolt the scene and is quick to shut down questioning when Theroux digs too deep. The only member whose beliefs seem unshakable are Fred Phelps himself, the wellspring of crazy in this extended family. He plays the senile card to his advantage and, it goes without saying, holds a cult leader's grip on the 70 members of his church.

"The Most Hated Family in America" is as funny as it is disturbing and at times heartwarming. One of the few members of the church who is not a Phelps family member is Steve Drain. A documentary film maker who, like Theroux, came to live with the Phelps to better understand them, became one of them. It is Drain who takes the viewer through the church's awesome sign production room. The signs he pulls from their inventory are lust worthy for anyone who gets camp: "FAG LOVER LIZ", "DYKE MARTINA", "ROYAL IN HELL" (each with photos of Elizabeth Taylor, Martina Navratilova and Princess Diana) would all make fabulous conversation pieces in a home. And "NO TEARS FOR QUEERS" and "JEW FAGS" tie for most catchy.

The hour-long film will make you rethink the Phelps. Once you get inside their homes and take a peak inside their heads, they are much more human and therefore impossible to simply hate. The Phelps are a family trapped in multi-generational crazy; "Grey Gardens" living on a national stage if you will. "The Most Hated Family in America" is a brief look at one of the nation's zaniest families and a sincere pick for best for day.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Spotted @ National Equality March, Washington D.C.

This weekend TTT's full editorial team plus entourage traveled to Washington, D.C. to participate in the National Equality March. Below is an account of the event in photos.

The march began with a good omen; not a cloud in the sky but a rainbow appeared before the crowd made its first steps toward the capital. Perhaps someone from above was showing his (or her) support for love.

Handmade signs were best for day, as seen in the gallery below.

As always, fashion was of the utmost:

As expected, half of New York was in the nation's capital . . . Spotted in D.C. . . . Bravo's president of programing, Andy Cohen and boyfriend plus Target 10's Matt Tumminello and Matt Wagner all at Town after the HRC dinner . . . Paper magazine's editor-at-large Peter Davis clad in full white well after Labor Day. . . Michael Renehan back east from Chicago. . . voice of the Media Matters Minute on NPR, Brandon Hersh . . . New York boys, Michael Benevento, Gabe Figueroa, Michael Hines, Medo Soliman, Alex Carantza, Enrico Contenti, Tim Rathschmidt, David Morganstern, and, as ticity-tac always, Matt Maddox . . . The biggest and brightest New York tranny was of course the Lady Ga. Her incredible performance at the HRC dinner and speech on the steps of the capital building are below.

Lady Gaga shut D.C. down! Literally every tranny was talking about Lady Gaga being in the capital, even the straight ones! The whole weekend was a worked-out, I'll call ya' baaaack, close down. From the march to the parties, D.C. was a hit and the equality movement took a giant leap!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Best For Day 16: Vivienne Vyle

We're loving this little British import, Vivienne Vyle. The show stars the incomparable Jennifer Saunders as a shameless tv talkshow host who will do anything for ratings. It's quite a gem, but like most precious stones, (and smart televsion shows: Fat Actress, The Comeback, Arrested Development) there are only a few; just six episodes of the Vivienne Vyle show exist. The first episode is below and we think you'll agree, it's best for day.

Missed Connections 6

The Tranny Times believes in love. Whether it takes you to a Wainscot colonial with a white picket fence or to White Castle after the lights come up at The Mothership, we support men meeting men! As a public service, The Tranny Times trolls Craigslist Missed Connections looking for ads from the love lorn. Each week we collect the best.

I'm gonna go with NO for $400

waiting on the G at the hoyt schermerhorn station, i believe you asked if the G went to Classon?
you stood on the G by the door opposite to where i was standing, and i think you were looking at me, did you smile?
you got off at Classon but didn't turn back, let me know if this is you and if you are down to hang some time?
Double Jeopardy:

There's an App for that.
Hey, so last night you were outside of Hugs bar on n6 smoking. I came up to you and asked if you knew if there was an ATM inside and you said nope. anyways im not sure if you are even gay, or bi, or interested, but you were really cute and if you interested I would like to meet up.
I have a feeling he's a PC:

Didn't your mom teach you not to talk to strangers?
You were the cute young waiter who served us Saturday night - I was with my friend (she's just a friend, I swear!) and you had to come back several times to take our orders b/c we were talking too much and were never ready to order. You had the most adorable smile and I tried to make eye contact with you a bunch of times but either you were too busy or were not interested.
My friend and I sat in the mirrored corner - we came in at 8 and stayed for quite a while. She was white; I was black. If you remember me and have any interest, let me know.... ; )
. . . .or WAMRs:

Love a DL Haseed!
I've seen you around the neighborhood a couple of times. You're an adorable Jew-boy with the yarmulke and all. Saw you at the CVS tonight with your father (?) and brother (?), and smiled at you in the parking lot. If you're interested, drop me a line, and add a pic so I know its you.
Mazel! :

Legitimately Cute
We smiled at each other briefly at the Atlantic/Pacific station while we were both waiting for the train. I was wearing jeans, a black jacket, red Converse. You: skinny, jeans, New Balance sneakers. I thought you were really cute. We both got on the 3 train. I was reading "The Flowers of Evil/Paris Spleen" by Baudelaire and not particularly wanting to engage. As I left the train at Borough Hall, I saw you smiling at me and I unabashedly smiled back right before the train started speeding away. Chances are you won't read this but if you do I would love to get a drink with you. Send me a response with some sort of detail or a picture. Cheers!
Call him, skinny-jean boy!:

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Speaking Out: Scott Fujita

Even in a city like New York, voicing our political opinions can be intimidating. In a city as liberal and forward-thinking as this, we often keep our thoughts to ourselves as not to be controversial or upset others. So imagine what courage it takes for an NFL football player on a team in the deep South to attach his name to the National Equality March, which takes place in Washington, D.C. this Sunday, but that is exactly what New Orleans Saints linebacker Scott Fujita is doing.
In a resent interview with Dave Zirin, sports correspondent for The Nation, Fujita explained exactly why a married-with-children pro-football player is speaking out for gay rights.
Zirin: Scott, you made the decision to lend your name and endorse the National Equality March. Why did you choose to do that?

Fujita: I think for me it was a cause that I truly believe in. By in large in this country the issue of gay rights and equality should be past the point of debate. Really, there should be no debate anymore. For me, in my small platform as a professional football player, I understand that my time in the spotlight is probably limited. The more times you have to lend your name to a cause you believe in, you should do that.

As an adopted child of biracial parents, Fujita's heart for gay rights centers on parenthood:

"A year ago or two years ago, I remember reading about an initiative that was proposed in the state of Arkansas. It was some kind of measure that was aimed at preventing adoptions by single parents. Now, the way I read that and the way that I translated that language was that only heterosexual, married couples could adopt children. As an adopted child that really bothered me. I asked myself, what that is really saying is that the concern with one's sexual orientation or one's sexual preference outweighs what's really important, and that's finding safe homes for children, for our children. It's also saying that we'd rather have kids bounce around from foster home to foster home throughout the course of their childhood, than end up in a permanent home, where the parent, whether that person's single or not, gay or straight. Either way, it doesn't matter. It's a home that's going to be provided for a kid who desperately needs a home. As an adopted child, that measure really bothered me. It just boggles my mind because good, loving homes for any child are the most important thing."
Like any good sport, Scott Fujita is humble about what he's doing for the rights of gay families:
"I don't think it's that courageous. I think I have an opinion, that I wish was shared by everybody."
Scott Fujita, TTT salutes your courage whether you like it or not. It takes a big man to come out in support of a controversial cause that doesn't directly involve him. Mazel! and you'll be in our hearts as the TTT editorial team participates in Sunday's march.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Tranny Treks: BARCELONA

Sexy Barcelona... its beautiful grand boulevards, shadowed by balcony lined residences. Wines bars, beaches, sunsets to die for and the men: lean, tan skin with curly locks and piercing eyes. Now hailed as the gay mecca of Europe, the city is ripe with homobars, clubs and even gay hotels, not to mention bursting with design stores and Gaudian architecture.
Now lets see how things compare in BCN to our own little burg:

Saturday evening festivities:
11211- A casual drink with the girls from work in midtown; then home to shower and get out the cheeses vino for apps with you new fall beau and co. by 9:00, you all get to talking about how to redo the living room and decide to order in rather than make a spectacle of dinner. With some talking-into, you head into the city around 11:00 to meet up with some of your straight friends in the east village then heading to boiler for a "nightcap", ah..... reminiscing the summer nights already...

BCN - It's 6:30: beach-time sun had lasted longer than you thought, the oceanside libations kept everything lively. Head back the the apartment for a cocktail and take a nice nap on the terrace. Wake up around 9:00 feeling groggy-- nothing Karl cant help with. Get ready for the evening, friends arrive around 10:30 for drinks before heading out of dinner. Tapas are best for evening-- not too filling, finish dinner around 1 and head to the "Gayxaimple" for drinks with the boys. Stop by a friends for a brief trunk show before heading to Metro disco-- make it there by 4:00 just as it starts getting busy. By 6:00, its choose your own adventure....

Libation of choice:
11211- Oregon pinot noirs and Austrian grunerveltliners at home and the typical $16 cocktail with your straights in the city.

BCN- Dry Spanish whites at dinner. Cuban rum and plenty cold vodka.

Tracks on the dance floor:
11211- Chet baker, Ella, Mr. Davis and God-- a tranny cant help but play a little Ga to get out of the house...

BCN- A.R. Rahman, Ga, Euro-Circuit music

11211 - The more recent trannies that you bonded with on FIP over the summer and their respective interests. Later on, your JAP-y work friends and their various platonic straight-guy counterparts.

BCN - Everyone is a designer of sorts: graphic, interior, clothing..... name your poison. A few boys from Amsterdam that you remember from a few years back.

But, the most notable difference.........
BCN - Not to sound overly enthused but..... hot hot hot. Spanish men and their various Latin American congregants live in the sexiest city in the world; it has that reputation for a reason. Sexuality is very open, very straight forward; something definitely lacking in this part of the world.

Best for Day? We think not.

Sorry Karl. Not even the prince of fashion can pull off clogs. Mr. Lagerfeld loaded the SS'10 Chanel runway in Paris this week with hay bins and country garb, said to be inspired by the large farm estate he just purchased in Vermont. But the line is drawn with the clogs. These are for lesbian chefs and Dutch gardeners only! They may have worked the catwalk in Paris, but we better not see these trying to work Bedford Avenue. A definite miss and certainly not best for day.

Best For Day 15 : LV

Today, for the first time ever, Louis Vuitton livestreamed one of their Paris Fashion Week women's wear shows. The viewing was available only through Facebook (weird, right?) and ran at 2:30pm Paris time. In case you missed it, the video is available here for the next 24 hours.

The final walk-through is below. Betta' werk that hair!

Thanks BryanBoy

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Best For Double Date: Fada

Once your summertime trick matures into a best for fall boyfriend, it's time to integrate him into the friendship circle. Discovered long ago by our hetero-forebearers, double dates are best for killing two birds with one stone: hanging out with your hot piece and letting your friends to see how great he is. We like dinner for doubles; there's booze to loosen everyone up, food to keep their mouths full and a waiter to gang-up on if all else fails. Luckily for the TTT in our latest double-d adventure, these distractions were unnecessary.
Last Friday we sauntered to Fada French Bistro at Driggs and N8th for supper. The quaint, cozy, Euro feel of the place revealed itself as soon as we opened the door. A jazz quartet played in the corner of the amber-lit room dominated by a long bar to the left and a sea of bistro tables on the floor. We sat in the garden, which we highly recommend: the dim lighting is both face-flattering and perfect for hand-holding and stolen kisses. Our waitress was a pretty Padma Lakshmi-type with a great smile. She was quick with the cocktails and highly attentive to the dietary restrictions of one in our company. The ratatouille was hearty and the salade de crevettes et avocats was fresh. Our entrees, chicken and beef, were delicious as well. There was no wait for our table and the bill was 2/3 what it would have been had we dined in the West Village, LES or Soho. Fabulous food, snappy service and lovely lighting; why leave Williamsburg when Fada is best for double dates?

Tranny Vocab Lesson 7 : Bossy Bottom

Attention, kiddies - it's time to put on your thinking caps because Tranny Vocab is about to resume. In this series, The Tranny Times explores the varied and wonderful lexicon of Williamsburg trannies. Today's lesson is Bossy Bottom.

Bossy Bottom [baw-see bot-uh-m] noun: In technical terms, a dominant recipient of anal intercourse. The Bossy Bottom is accustomed to telling his mate when he wants it, where and how. This behavior usually extends beyond the bedroom into everyday life where he passively but aggressively attempts to manipulate his mate's behavior through whining, pointed text messages and loaded questions.

Expert Testimony:
Lindsay Lohan played the bossy bottom role in her relationship with Samantha Ronson. Below is her musical deposition on bossy bottom behavior.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Best for day 15: Besos Barcelona

This Geary-esque fab-creation is the face of the new W Hotel Barcelona which opened this past week. There was an amazing fete on Thursday evening celebrating its tranniness with drinking and dancing until the sun came up. Luckily, the gay beach, Barceloneta, sits at its base which makes for an easy transisiton from night-to-day. Get this on your calendars ladies for August 2010, gaydays are booking up quick and terraces are limited!