Friday, May 14, 2010

Best for TGIF

Yes, Journey made it famous, Glee took it over and now we have a Ga-Elton-and Co. performance. The YMCA can finally take a back seat as #1 gay-vintage anthem.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Must See : Lagerfeld's Remember Now

If you haven't yet, jump over to Chanel-News and see Karl Lagerfeld's newest short film "Remember Now". It's a hot tale of cool kids in San Tropez. Love a good branded entertainment (double Cs and boucle for days); love a good Lagerfeld cameo.

Love a Good Sample Sale

Opening Ceremony's sample sale starts today at the Howard Street location. You better werq!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Best for Summer Entertaining

Even the trashiest of trannies knows that the well-appointed home is key for happiness. But what about the throughly thought-out beach house? With Fire Island looming, our attention turns to poolside entertaining. Face it, FIP is about the beach, the teas, the houses, and the romance (no matter how brief or sandy). But it's also about putting your lifestyle on display. The quarter share crowd can be as uppity as any UES dowager so you can't expect your landlord's standard issue Ikea to pass muster at your afternoon cocktail party. This is why we love LAPlates. The online mom and pop shop rolled out their first collection of monogrammable, customizable, melamine plates 2006 and have grown their products to include super-cool coasters, cups and cutting boards ideal for slicing lemons on the lanai. Most importantly, LAPlates are a green solution to glass-free entertaining; no more wasteful and ugly disposables.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Best for Day 39

We all love a good Ga! Even the little straight(ish) 6th grade boys. This homage shows off his own style as well as his fairly advanced keyboard skills. Pay no attention to the horrified looks coming from the girls in the background, they are clearly just jealous.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Shoes 8

"You can always tell a tranny by her shoes." In "Shoes", TTT gives a stage to the foundation of any fabulous outfit: the boots, loafers, clogs and heels that we all put on each day.With Memorial Day just three weeks away, it's time to start considering white shoes in the city. A white leather lace-up transitions well on summer fridays from the office to the LIRR.

Best for Friday

You know summer is well on its way when the new roof installation at the Met has opened. Here is what the Met has to say:
"The monumental bamboo structure, ultimately measuring 100 feet long, 50 feet wide, and 50 feet high, will take the form of a cresting wave that bridges realms of sculpture, architecture, and performance."
It's a great place to meet friends after work. Have a drink, mingle, network and enjoy the beautiful views before the heat was you sweating through your lightweight cashmere.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Must See : Gaga on American Idol

According to WWD, you can expect to see Gaga on tonight's "American Idol" wearing this little Armani number. The Ga and The Gio have developing quite a relationship; Armani said that Gaga is a, “modern phenomenon who has proved to be fascinating, and whose every appearance is a piece of theatre.” Gaga wore Armani to the Grammy Awards and this week's Costume Institute Gala.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Spotted @ Valentino for Flowers, Chic & Cheap

Last night, Elle D├ęcor editor at large, Carlos Mota, celebrated the launch of his new book, Flowers Cheap & Chic, with a party at the Valentino showroom on Madison and 65th St. The space provided a crisp, airy backdrop for the fete featuring full-bloom florals and very pretty people. SPOTTED sipping hibiscus-themed vodka cocktails at Valentino . . . our favorite RHONY, Kelly Kiloran Bensimon . . . designers Douglas Hannant, and Adam Lippes of ADAM, both with boyfriends . . . Paul Sevigny playing DJ. . . InStyle's Hal Rubenstein . . . ad man and friend of the author, Mark Daniel . . . career socials, Zani Gugelmann, Amanda Hearst, Allison Sarofim and Fabiola Beracasa, who confessed to TTT, "I am exhausted after last night [The Costume Institute's American Woman Gala]. I was at the Boom Boom Room until 4!" . . .

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Purge: Smartphone Lunches

Yes, we are ALL guilty of this, whether it be during a weekday lunch with coworkers or at Sunday brunch with your beau and co.: phones on the table. Up close and personal, they have become the centerpiece of most dining establishments around New York. It's time to put them away kiddies. Really, it only a disservice to yourself; take a break from everyone else's business (including work) for an hour a day. Enjoy a little face time and your chicken salad sandwich. Just think of how many BBMs you will have to look forward to when you get back to the office.