Thursday, November 26, 2009

Best for Day : Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving from TTT. Feast to your heart's content but remember wisdom of Lucille Bluth, "You want your belt to buckle, not your chair." You know you better werq a holiday, kitten!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Best for (Holi)day windows

A little Gaga inspired holiday window at Bergdorf's? aaawhat? Centainly gets us in the holiday cheer spirit. Buttered rum and eggnog is on the way kiddies . . .

Tranny Treks : The Definitive Holiday Travel Guide

This week marks the beginning of the Holiday /Resort2009-10 season. Whether it's Thanksgiving back home with the fam, a "girls" ski weekend in Telluride, a short Cesna ride to the new bf's family compound in Palm Beach or New Years Eve in Rio de Janeiro, TTT has some must-follow tips that will keep make your holiday travel experience as smooth Grade-A cashmere.

Prepping (no, not your high school)
Boy Scout, Camp Fire Girl or Brownie, those who rough it have one motto in common: Be Prepared. This isn't the '60s and you're not boarding Pam Am to Hawaii: no matter how much you spend on air fare, being a traveling tranny in a post 9-11 world is arduous. Do some leg work before you depart to ensure fabulous travel.
  • Make your travel plans as early as possible. It's economical and will ensure you get the best seat on the best flight for your busy schedule. If you aren't flying commercial and hope to charter or tag along on a friend's PP act super-early browsing rates and dropping blatant hints : "So Mustique for Thanksgiving? How fab! I hear Prince William will be back with Kate Middleton for New Years. I can introduce!"
  • Pack wisely. Consider your destination: find out from friends, family and local publications what exactly your wardrobe should include. Who needs a full suit when a blue blazer will do? Are shorts OK or will that relegate you to tourist status? The tranny with deep pockets or an extensive line of credit should pack a collapsible bag to fill with new purchases for the return flight.
  • Bring a gift. If you are visiting friends, friends' parents or the boyfriend's mom and dad you ought not come empty handed. Lovely soaps, a quality scented candle or bottle of scotch goes a long way. A new TTT fav find for hostess gifts is the Armani Dolci bar inside the Armani flagship store on 5th Ave. A selection of world-class chocolates are available in super-sleek packaging for just over $30: a fitting gift from the big city house guest.
  • Dress the part. We all bemoan the disgusting exhibition of humanity that air travel has become. We long for the days of glamorous stewardesses, well-crafted in-flight martinis and unlimited carry-ons. It's clear the major carriers have no plan to bring civility back so it falls upon us trannies. While a Juicy Couture velor track suit is, allegedly, comfy, opt for travel clothes more befitting of your journey. Dress to arrive at your destination looking editorial not down market. Remember, mink is universal.

At the Airport
  • The only airport for domestic departures is La Guardia. It's 20 to 30 minutes by car from any point in Williamsburg and the fare, from Northside or Metroline when paying cash, is just $25. Using any other port for a U.S. flight is nonsensical.
  • Utilize the sky captains outside the airport. For the cost of a tip, they will check you in quickly - no lines no waiting - and are are generally more pleasant to deal with than the alternative. Sky captains are especially helpful if your bag is overweight since they rarely pay attention to the scale, saving you silly fees. If you are a frequent flyer, be sure to ingratiate yourself to those guys: they're less harried by amateur travelers and have the same access to upgrade information as the desk clerks.
  • When choosing a security line and traveling coach (it happens to the best of us), select the one closest to the first class zone. There is a chance you will be pulled into that line and be screened by TSA workers accustomed to handling a better class of folks (Todds v.s. Tevas, Tumi v.s. Travelpro, you get the idea).
Boarding, Inflight and Arrival
  • Always use perks. If you have access to better airport service, use it. Do what you can to get into the Crown Room Club or any frequent flyer lounge. Impersonate a friend, drop a parent's name, sleep with a sky captain or sneak in behind someone with a card, just get in there, act like you belong and all will be well. Inside enjoy free drinks, web access and so-so snacks. It's also the best preview of the who's-who of your flight.
  • Stay seated. Any tranny worth her salt does not wait in line. This goes for Delta Gate 5 just as much as it does for The GLAAD 100 party. Who wants to sit and watch Nancy from Nashville cram her Canal Street finds into the overhead bin for 20 minutes? Worse yet, who wants to pay for first class just to watch the great unwashed shamble by on their way to coach. No matter your zone number, stay seated until the desk calls for final boarding, then rise and proceed to the breezeway, making your aeronautic entrance.
  • Own your flight. You don't know these people so make your time your own. Bring an eye mask for a rejuvenating nap at any hour, or a Dead Sea masque to freshen up your look. If you've got work to do, or opinions to blog, log on to GoGo Inflight Internet to connect to the Web. (This post is being written at 30,000 feet, kid you not.). Once you're rested, your skin is flawless and work is done, it's time to werq the cabin. "Is that Lauren Santo Domingo in first class to Colombia with the S/S10 Lanvin train case on her lap?" Scan the aisles for possible GPC partners, too. Many a love affair has begun when the seat belt signs are turned off.
  • Be nice to the flight crew. You are trapped inside a steel missile piloted by a (probably) drunk captain hurling into oblivion at 450 miles per hour, do you really want to piss off the chick who knows how to inflate the life rafts in the event of a water landing? In lieu of tips, be ready with your order, charge card in hand, say please and thank you.
  • Stay seated, again. Even after the plane has taxied to the gate and come to a full and complete stop, stay put. You have a solid 10-15 minutes of people digging for their things in overhead compartments and parents tending to cranky kids. You're best bet is to remain seated until the cabin is nearly empty and make a graceful exit.
Baggage and the Meet-and-Greet
  • Since you stayed patiently in your seat until all other passengers have exited, you will arrive at the luggage carousel just as your bags are coming off the plane. Remain calm and orderly, this isn't Eastern Europe. Hang back from the crowd until you see your bag then approach the carousel, lift and depart : four easy steps.
  • Before meeting friends, family or parents, be sure to chew some gum or have a mint to disguise the 5 gimlets you downed between La Guardia and your final destination. No matter how you feel about seeing them, slap on a smile: it's the holidays, you're out of the city and the worst is behind you!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Best For Day : Fire

At last night's American Music Awards, Lady Gaga pushed the glamour of beautiful destruction to new heights. She worked a Steinway by setting it on fire just as she worked a sound stage by torching it in the "Bad Romance" video. You know you better werq a controlled burn this season. Winter is a month away, kittens: embrace fire and ice.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Dame Gaga!

Hold the phone! Not only did her two new NYC concert dates sell out in a matter of minutes, but Lady Gaga has also been booked to sing in front of the Queen at this year’s Royal Variety Performance on December 7. Aaaaa-what? Madonna who?

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Best for Day 24

Bonkers! TTT has been obsessed with these creations since they hit the runway at Alexander McQueen's S/S '10 show. Apparently we are not the only ones; according the the offices at McQueen, the phones have been ringing off the hook since the day of the show: trannies across the globe are looking to get their paws on these highly coveted masterpieces! Gaga's Bad Romance pair are set to be auctioned off for charity-- as well as some of the other pieces from the collection. With a heel that stands at 12 inches, these are certainly BFD. Nugget Tranny Galore!

Spotted @ JPMorgan Chase Pride Event at Armani

Last Thursday, Giorgio Armani's flagship megastore on 5th Avenue played host to members and guests of JPMorgan Chase Pride, the financial services firm's gay and lesbian organization. Homos and hags downed white wine and champagne and sampled incredible chocolates from the newly launched Armani Dolci line all while enjoying an hefty 40% discount on purchases. The scene was nattily turned-out bankers with their beaus and bffs: ideal Power Gay hunting ground. When the main event came to a close at 9, many attendees moved on to the sleek and chic (and relatively cheap!) Armani Ristorane to drink, dine, see and be seen.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Binge and Purge

Hola, Kitties. Here are this week's binge-and-purge guidelines. Soak it up, Kitty-Kats! Binge on the below and for God's sake, please purge the latter block of resentment. Reign it in, trannies. Regin it in.


1. The News: Every tranny should know what’s happening in their neighborhood, city, country and world. Knowledge is power, Kitties! The ability to contribute intelligently and eloquently to dinner party conversation gives a ticity a one-up on his competition. Having a well-formed opinion on what's up with current events will set you apart from the rest and get the attention of the boyfriend-cute “nerd” at the other end of the table. Looking for leftist political commentary? Check out MSNBC – especially Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow. Want a little more popular culture in your news feed (ahem, Balloon Boy)? Check out CNN. Better yet, check out what’s going on in your own city by watching NY1 whilst getting ready for work in the morning. Be in the know – just make sure your source isn’t entirely partisan - cherry picking facts and dumbing-down issues is just as lame on the left as it is on the right

2. Travel size Grooming Products: These are Best for Day when trotting to and from your repeat booty call’s/husband’s place. It’s great to be able to grab your morning routine all whilst jetting out the door to catch the L. Always be prepared (and pretty) for the day, no matter where you are: an unkempt tranny is an unkept tranny. Keeping a constant supply of travelable products will make packing for your next Tranny Trek or business trip that much easier. Grab n’ Go, Lovers. As a caveat, it’s also a good idea to keep spare (unopened) toothbrushes at your apartment for those tricks you might want to GPC with down the road.

3. Holiday Parties: Whether it’s an orphan's Thanksgiving, your office’s Chrisma-Hanna-Kwanza celebration or your bosom buddies' “Deck the Walls,’ holiday parties are best for Nov/Dec-ember. Break out the Cinnamon/Cranberry/Vodka concoctions and go to town. Host or attend – either way you are sure to be the belle of the balls.


1. No call/No Show Friends: In this age of constant communication, there is no reason to engage with one-way trannies. Stop e-mailing Sally – she is never going to pull through and meet you for the happy hour she bailed on 14 months ago. Stop texting Bill – he is not going to check out that great contemporary art perspective at Christie’s that sold three months ago. Get the picture? Don’t waste your time on friends who aren’t friends back. If you are the constant inviter (even if they attend most of the time), move on. Surround yourself with trannies that make plans and include you, rather than you doing all the work. Wait, hold on – it’s Jakarta on the other line. I’ll call ya' back . . .

2. Credit Card Minimums: There is nothing worse than selecting a well-priced Malbec at your local booze shop only to find out they have a $15-$20 minimum purchase for cards. After tipping bartenders, cabbies, coat check girls and sky captains, what modern tranny has any cash at the end of the day? Nothing ruins a cute dinner at home with you and your closest hag/roommate than having to run to the ATM over a $14 bottle of wine! Two business problems have my duct tape in a twist over minimums : 1) Charge card minimums drive customers to places that have no minimums (N8 and Driggs Wine and Liquors, for example) and 2) Unless an establishment offers a discount to customers paying by cash, where is the incentive for them to shop there? Minimums are 2000 and late.

3. Dogs not Meant to Survive a New York Winter: I know, I know – you love your miniature teacup hybrid Italian-Franco greyhound. But, even though you have a lovely Nova Check Burberry coat for him, he is still SHIVERING on the corner of N6th while you run in to pick up your Thai take out. Don’t make me call PETA! : not all dogs are meant for seasonal climates. Be nice. Don’t make me sad by having to see Emperor Charles III tied up outside Olslo during a blizzard while you discuss the perfect foam temperature. Consider Gotham’s weather before subjecting your pooch to unfair surroundings.

Best for Mami

"Ay Mami!" As much as Gawker, New York Magazine and other snarky NYC publications like to say that Williamsburg is populated solely by heavily trust-funded hipsters drinking their lives away, TTT would like to point out the diversity of the 'burg. Case in point, this lil mama chillin' in a parking lot in the largely Puerto Rican area of Union Avenue near the JMZ. You better werq a Maxima and you better never forget that the 'burg takes all kinds.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Spotted @ GMHC Fashion Forward

With cocktail party "save the dates" filling up our inboxes, we know that a jam-
packed holiday/charity event season is fast approaching. Last night's GMHC "Fashion Forward" was a great kick-off. Cocktails and mingling through the silent auction allowed for plenty of networking and chit-chat between gallery gays and GPCs followed by a fashion show sponsored by Saks Fifth Avenue. Spotted in the model-towering crowd . . . celebrity style maven, Tim Gunn . . . budding ivy-architect, Travis R. Eby . . . ever-present event tranny esq., Matthew Maddox . . . runway diva and daddy (?), Miss J . . . dapper dandy, Enrico Contenti . . . TV talk show sensation, Wendy Williams . . . PR tranny, Michael Grela before red-eying to Paris . . . a cashmere-clad Anthony Sullivan.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Tranny Vocab Lesson 11 : Boyfriend Cute

Attention, kiddies - it's time to put on your thinking caps because Tranny Vocab is about to resume. In this series, The Tranny Times explores the varied and wonderful lexicon of Williamsburg trannies. Today's lesson is Boyfriend Cute.

Boyfriend Cute
[boi-friend] adjective: the guy you see yourself shopping Chelsea Passage at Barneys with, sitting across the table from you at Fiore for Sunday brunch and waking up to for the rest of your life -- or at least the foreseeable future.

Boyfriend Cute Musts: A guy is boyfriend cute when you see him across the room/train/Fire Island ferry and your mind and penis both get excited. He has a great smile, engaging personality and likes you just as much as you like him. He's boyfriend cute when you like his clothes and his friends enough to borrow both. He's boyfriend cute when he has a job you're actually interested in hearing about and the goals your working toward, too. Boyfriend cute: you know it when you meet it.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Best for Print

We're super jazz by the release of Candy, the first ever high fashion mag dedicated to the art of living la vida transy. While TTT is totes not about the literal definition of trannydom, we fully support our brethren who take to heels and wigs on the regular. With a run of just 1,000 copies, they're going to go fast, but lucky for you, Spoonbill & Sugar on Bedford Ave. is carrying the pub. Run, don't walk, in your Louboutins to snag a copy! More on Candy from the creator, Luis Venegas:

CANDY is the first fashion magazine ever completely dedicated to celebrating transvestism, transexuality, cross dressing and androgyny, in all its manifestations. Never before in history, have men and women had so many opportunities for body modification, or so many ways to change their appearance from head to toe: from the softest options like make up, to permanent transformations courtesy of the surgeons' knife.
Now the 21st Century is truly underway, there's no need to justify ourselves, only the ability and need to celebrate the diversity of lifestyles and options, the freedom to choose on every level. The possibilities are as infinite as the amount of people there are in this world. CANDY is a magazine for everybody. A space for individual freedom, and a publication that pushes people to take on the persona of what they always wanted to be.
You. Better. Werq.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Best for TV

Here's a sneak peak of Lady Gaga's cameo on Gossip Girl this Monday. Tune in, trannies!

Spotted @ GALA mixer at the W Tuscany

The Audrey bar inside the W Tuscany Hotel was closed last night for a GALA mixer. Ivies downed complimentary Svedka cocktails from 5:30 to 7:30. The crowd was typical ivy-gay: older lezzies talking shop and gray-haired daddies eyeballing the spry young dandies fresh from a day at the firm or bank. Asians, both male and female, abounded and saphic lovers were plentiful, more butches than lipstick ladies. On the boy front, a few typical, preppy-cute guys save for one just-graduated, dropdead hunk with many fans fawning outside. At least there was free booze.

Missed Connections 10

The Tranny Times believes in love. Whether it takes you to a Wainscot colonial with a white picket fence or to White Castle after the lights come up at The Mothership, we support men meeting men! As a public service, The Tranny Times trolls Craigslist Missed Connections looking for ads from the love lorn. Each week we collect the best.

Far too chic to be so shy!

I am always too shy to say anything. Got on at Bedford and sat across from you around 12:30 AM. We both got off at 6th Ave. You had on all black and had duffel bags and blond hair. It looked like you were traveling somewhere. I tried my best not to make eye contact because I always get nervous when I see someone cute. I was wearing all black as well, a cap and a white letterman sweater. We both had skinny black jeans and lace up shoes. I've never posted here before and know it's a long shot, but I thought I'd give it a try for once...
The couple that BFDs together stays together :

Meet him at the intersection of Madison and Lexington while your at it.
1.30 brunch rush this past sunday...
we were both waiting outside Lokal on bedford and lorimer, you with a have dark brown hair, glasses...5'8" or 5'9" i think...walked by and i heard you have the sexiest deep voice...
you guys left cause of the really long reading this?
. . . on February 30th! you reading this?

Dude, it's called elementary school.
I have never posted an ad in "missed connections" before, but I'm hoping this works.
It was late afternoon, early evening. I was traveling on the Brooklyn bound L train headed into Williamsburg.
You are a little guy, maybe 4'5", striking blue eyes, salt and pepper beard, balding, purple hoodie, blue jeans and white sneakers.
I was the bearish black guy standing in front of you, trying to steal glaces when you weren't looking.
I think you are so hot. I was taken by surprised by the strong attraction I had.
You got off the train at Lorimer with another little person.
I don't even know if you are into guys, but I really was quite smitten.
If you are out there, send me a message.
Do you like me, circle yes or no. :

You were the lawyer from Atlanta and your friend was keeping you from staying out. He had to get to jazzercize. I was the information systems student hanging out with my friend on the couch . I didn't get your number, but please email me before you leave back for Atlanta. I would love to catch up.
Information specialist fail :

Ooooh a Lawyer!
You came into Kellogg's Diner at about 1 pm today. You sat down by yourself and ordered some coffee. You were waiting for an older, African American woman and it sounded like you two were discussing law school/moot court.
You are the hot, tall blond haired, blue-eyed guy wearing tight black jeans and a pink short-sleeve dress shirt (showing off fantastic arms) still sitting at the diner right now. I just left, and came home to write this posting.
I was the guy sitting alone in the dark blue long-sleeve T-shirt. You were looking over towards me, and I hope I was what caught your eye. I wrote my number down and almost walked over to give it to you, but chickened out.
I'd love to buy you a drink sometime. Tell me what color hair/eyes I have.
That's what you call an investment piece :

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Tranny Vocab 10 : Ra-GA

Attention, kiddies - it's time to put on your thinking caps because Tranny Vocab is about to resume. In this series, The Tranny Times explores the varied and wonderful lexicon of Williamsburg trannies. Today's lesson is Ra-GA

(Rachel-Gaga) [raw-gah] noun: A very fashionable tranny with style influence and celebrity. One who mixes street couture, prĂȘt-a-porter and copious amounts of accessories with ease. Preferably friends with Marc as well.

Appropriate use: Scenario-- you are perusing in Soho with your favorite gal-pal when get get knocked aside by an oversize Balanciaga. "Did you see that Raga? Her headpiece almost got caught in my extensions."

Monday, November 9, 2009

Spotted @ Christies

As summer has certainly graduated into autumn, brunch al fresco and sunset picnics are being replaced with matinées and art installations. Sunday afternoon, TTT editors had the opportunity for a private viewing of Christie's postwar and contemporary art collection which will go to the auction block on Tuesday evening. Among the many gems that will adorn the homes of European collectors and museums across the globe was J.M. Basquiat's above pictured Brother Sausage, a 6-paneled work that is expected to go for around $12,000,000, this is mere pocket change for Valentino Garavani who was there deciding which palazzo he might purchase the piece for.

Also spotted: New York's fashion prince, Marc Jacobs and friend-- eyeing some Warhol.... Art dealer to the stars, Haley Cohen....Beauty ging' Ashley Riegle....and far too many Birkins...

Best For Day 23 : The Paul Smith Sale Shop

A true tranny knows a good deal when he sees it, because of this TTT is proud to have the Paul Smith Sale Shop in our ticity-tac burg. Like the 5th Ave location, the Sale Shop carries a variety of goods, from apparel and accessories to art books and home decor, but at quite a discount: up to 70% off. Located at 280 Grand St. between Roebling and Havermeyer, it's a great place to pick up last minute hostess gifts or holiday presents for trannies who aren't exactly at the top of you list. But don't get it twisted, sale doesn't necessarily mean stale: you're certain to find a thing or two for your self inside, too. The Paul Smith Sale Shop is best for day.

Spotted @ GUMBO party, Galapagos

Thursday was the third installment of GUMBO (gay. DUMBO. party) at Galapagos. It was another fun-filled night of warm embraces, furtive eye movement and coquettish cocktail sipping in the cool shadow of the Brooklyn Bridge. Most-heard phrase of the night, "I've never been to Brooklyn!" Well now you have. Spotted at the bar and in the banquettes: . . . GUMBO hosts Ben Harvey, Matthew Kelleher and Andrew Urankar . . . dj Josh Sparber . . .'s Chris Rovzar with long-time boyfriend Cub Barrett . . . co-creator of the now-notorious CHERYL dance party Nick Schiarizzi with Harish Bhandari . . . Ari of Advanced Style blog, "proof from the wizened and silver-haired set that style advances with age" . . .

Friday, November 6, 2009

Best For Day 22

Mike Rose's "Fagney and Gaycey" is wicked-funny and best for day.

Missed Connections 9 (Halloween Edition)

The Tranny Times believes in love. Whether it takes you to a Wainscot colonial with a white picket fence or to White Castle after the lights come up at The Mothership, we support men meeting men! As a public service, The Tranny Times trolls Craigslist Missed Connections looking for ads from the love lorn. Each week we collect the best.

Hey there, you were wearing a grey baseball cap and sucking a lollipop at metropolitan on halloween. you weren't wearing a costume, said you were "over" halloween. didn't get a chance to chat you up. if you see this, get in touch and let's get a drink.
As the loudmouth lady on my block says, "People who don't like Halloween don't like people." :

So is this an episode of "My So-Called Life", right?
Late last night, my lady companion and I decided to take a Queens bound G Train home after a night of moderate Halloween debauchery. She was dressed as Angela from My So Called Life - and I as a 19th Century Golfer - or "Fancy Lad" if you will. We sat down directly across from you and a large group of your friends. I assume your costume - somewhat phoned in on - was that of a zombie. You had white face paint around your eyes, shorts, and a black sweatshirt on. We made eyes a couple times, and when you got off at your stop - you ducked into the window and made an "I - HEART - YOU" gesture and pointed into my general direction. I turned to my friend (who you may recall from earlier in this post -was dressed like Angela from My So Called Life) and said "Did you see that!?" She said "YES!" And I said "That cute boy totally wanted this!" To which she responded "No! He wanted ME! He and I were making eyes the entire trip." To which I responded "No! He was making eyes with ME!" So Zombie, help us settle the bet. Which was it. Mary or Larry?
Email Ricky Vasquez, he's with Rayanne at Let's Bolt waiting on Tino who has the Chinese food :

Paging Deigo Rivera . . .
I (very) briefly met you because my friend used the restroom at your party. We have the same name and talked about it a little bit but I was far too intoxicated so I left pretty shortly after that. I think you're the cutest thing I've ever seen and would love to get a drink with you. Believe it or not, I look a bit different when I'm not dressed up as Frida Kahlo.
Oddly enough, later that night he died from an illness related to decades-old injuries from a bus accident :

One is a flamboyantly-dressed musician the other a flamboyantly-dressed Jazzerciser.
You: Freddy Mercury, Me: Richard Simmons, My friend: Peggy Bundy.
I liked the mustache. You liked the chest hair.
We got off at Myrtle and you kept on going....
Will we meet again?
It all ends in AIDS :

GUMBO is BEST for missed connections.
You were tall, with wavy, longish hair, leaning on the back of a banquette by the door. We exchanged a few looks while I was leaving with my friend--I stopped to put down my bag and put on my coat, sometime just after ten. Does this sound familiar? I hope this sounds familiar--if it does, drop me a line.
Go get him, lavy locks :

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Be spotted @ GUMBO

GUMBO, ( at Galopagos Art Space tonight. The TTT editors' pick for best Thursday night party (well us and OUT mag). It's a Brooklyn Heights lawyer meets Flatiron art dealer kind of crowd. Free entrance and a fab space. Come mingle and support a cause. Proceeds from tonight's party go to the Brooklyn Pride Center.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Best For Day 21 : Bloomberg's 3rd Term

Yesterday, New York voters selected Michael Bloomberg as the mayor of the greatest city in the world for a third time. TTT says go Bloomie! He's a firm supporter of gay rights and gay marriage, Bloomberg's also the guy who is europeanizing a number of city corridors by making them pedestrian and cyclist-friendly. Mike's the man who outlawed smoking in bars (saving New York City trannies millions in dry cleaning bills) and has plans to extend the 7 train westward to 8th and possibly 10th ave. (which would revolutionize socializing with Hells Kitchen ticities). Sure he changed the mayoral term limit law and may have "bought" his reelection, but we love a man who can get things done and pick up the tab! Here's to four, eight or 16 more years M.B.! Mazel!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Happy Birthday Anna!

Happy 60th Birthday to our favorite icy editor-in-chief, Anna Wintour. This tranny doesn't look at DAY older! To many more years of your reign at Vogue and years of terrifying and smashing slightly overweight girls dreams everywhere.

Killing It

Photographer A.J. Sokalner had a heart attack and died just minutes after Our Lady of Ga walked the photo line at last night's Ace Awards. Fame kills but Gaga is deadly. Our condolences: we can't help but feel somehow responsible.

Tranny Droppings 5

While this didn't exactly drop out of a ticity-tac's pocket, a motorboat in Williamsburg (on Havemeyer no less!) looks like it might have fallen from the sky. Who doesn't love a nautical theme, and with a name like "Bottoms Up", there's no other word for this than tranny.

Best (Party Booze) for Winter

Every up-and-coming Power Gay knows it is hard to find a tasty wine to serve in large quantities that won't break the bank. TTT has been murmuring about this one for a while, but it got full-panel approval last night: Papio Merlot 2007 is a yummy red perfect for dinner parties on chilly nights. It's pleasant, not overpowering and goes down easy without that pesky tannin bitterness. We're calling it best for winter but best of all, the 1.5 liter bottle is available at 8th and Driggs Wine and Liquors for a mere $12! Cheers trannies!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Tranny Droppings 4 : The Day After Halloween

On N9th St, east of The Mothership (Sugarland), November 1. One hot mess had a whole lot of fun tricking and treating on All Hallows Eve. Nothing spells out a good time like a blond wig and empty box of wine.

Spotted@ Michael Hainey's "Less Human More Being" at Thom Browne Tribeca

GQ deputy editor Michael Hainey opened his debut art presentation, "Less Human More Being", with a private party at the Thom Browne store in Tribeca, Friday evening. His paintings are bold and utilize broad strokes over tiny details; a journalistic approach to painting, if you will. The crowd was downtown fashion-fab: 40-something power gays in cashmere camel overcoats gossiping about Halloween plans, British gals in head-to-toe Chanel, roving style reporters (who selected one TTTer for a feature) and hip parents with their little ones in tow. It was a fashion-meets-press industry crowd, many of who are TTT friends that prefer to fly under the gaydar. The boldest names spotted were Oprah's go-to design guy, Nate Berkus with friends . . . Thom Browne and Michael Hainey posing for photos and working the room . . . Hainey's work will hang at Thome Brown Tribeca through November 11.