Friday, December 25, 2009

Best for (Christmas) Day

Wherever the holidays have taken you, The Tranny Times wishes you a happy one and will see you in 2010!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

For God and for the Gays

As we all get through our last days at the office before holiday break, please enjoy the below parodies. They will leave you in stitches! Enjoy, little Monsters!

Safe travels, trannies. Make sure to reunite with that hometown hotty whilst visiting the fam!

Friday, December 18, 2009

All we want for Christmas is GA!

Some girls ask for a pony, but we just want a little Gaga underneath the tree this Christmas. Barbie GAs are all the rage this holiday season! Better werq!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Calling All Fops!

It'ss not for everyone, but for the true dandies, is a must. More of a style column than blog, this fop addresses important issues and relevant Gatsby-esque icons of both the past and present. Questions about your cuff-length or the break in your trousers? This is your go-to. Live it. Love it. Learn it trannies.

Best for EVERYday

This duo speaks for itself. These boys embody true-tranniness.

Monday, December 14, 2009

10 reasons we won't be having a second date.

Some trannies have no business dating, case in point, the subject of this craigslist "missed connections" ad posted après a Friday night first date. Get it together, kittens!

(click image to enlarge)

Friday, December 11, 2009

Spotted@ High Hopes, The Cohen-Contenti Holiday Party

Last night, Haley Rose Cohen and Enrico Contenti opened the doors of their Bedford Ave. apartment for a holiday fête. The vintage inspired menu included fruit-filled jello molds, deviled eggs and a sherbert punch served by Brent the bartender. Around 10:30, a musical duo on guitar led guests in rounds of impromptu carols. It was a fashion crowd, with bow ties on boys and ladies' bold accessories dominating. Spotted . . . Matt Maddox chatting with Alex Carantza before jetting to BAM to catch "A Streetcar Named Desire" . . . a slew of industry kids: Joanna Dubin of Coach, Prada's Justin Warren, Kari Green, assistant designer at Issac Mizrahi, print and runway boy Darius Gudinskas, Lauren Conklin of Face Stockholm . . . the law crowd: Ran Frazier, David Cody Dydek, Duff Anderson . . . The Aangeenbrug Knights down from Cos Cob, Connecticut . . . Dr. Joey Fernandez . . . the most popular girl at Vice magazine, Katie Youngkin . . . PR girls-about-town included a bow-tied Tim Rathschmidt with Claire Gilbertsen in red and Ashley Riegle in green . .

Bow ties made an appearance.
Women went RaGA for gold and black.

Best For Day : Barney's SNL Windows

Barneys New York bucked the typical holiday window tradition this year: instead of celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ, the window-dressing remembers 35 years of Saturday Night Live. SNL is a treat for people of all creeds! Bucking tradition is best for day.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Best For Day 27

"The truth is that every bit of me is devoted to love and art and I aspire to try to be a teacher to my young fans who feel just like I felt when I was younger, I felt like a freak. I guess what I'm trying to say is I wanna liberate them, I wanna free them of their fears and let them know they can create their own space in the world."
- Lady Gaga to Barbara Walters
10 Most Fascinating People of 2009

Another Misstep of a DoucheMag

Details has devoted a double page spread to what they've dubbed DoucheFags: gay guys who are taking tacky to a new level. The piece compares "regular" gay guys with gay "DoucheFags" creating an arbitrary distinction between the two based on taste and behavior. For instance, regular "gays" give a tip to the cute delivery boy while "DoucheFags" play just the tip with him: it's both offensive and so poorly written most of the "examples" are simply bad puns! When a heterosexual men's fashion and lifestyle magazine starts making fun of homosexual men who, according to the piece, are too caught up in fashion and "the lifestyle", the only conclusion is that the lady doth protest too much. Or in terms Details readers can digest, "You guys are the real DouchFags." To think this closet case, bully spread come after "Gay or Asian?" -- the offensive May 2004 piece that led to boycotts by both Asian-American and Gay groups for which Details later apologized -- is mind blowing. Details is what has taken tacky to a new level.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Best for Holidays

What's Christmas without a little Ga? Our fearless lord and savior is brining in the yuletide a hair-bow. Give a listen to a Ga X-mas below.

Shoes 2 : Palm Beach

"You can always tell a tranny by her shoes." In "Shoes", TTT gives a stage to the foundation of any fabulous outfit: the boots, loafers, clogs and heels that we all put on each day.
Nothing says "resort" like a pair of Stubbs and Wootton slippers seen here with a beautiful pair of suede oxfords in almost-winter white.

Must Hear : Rachel Maddow v.s. gay-to-straight author

Desk-job trannies use information each day to make the case for a defense strategy, business solution or communications platform. Information is a powerful commodity; when well-leveraged it can decide the fate of assets, campaigns and lives. Rachel Maddow, a Rhodes Scholar who holds a PhD in politics, understands the power of information and what ends, both good and evil, it can achieve. This is why Maddow took "gay-to-straight counselor" Richard Cohen to task for his book Coming Out Straight on last night's show. Anti-gay groups in Uganda are pushing a bill that could punish gay Ugandans, and those who associate with them, with penalties including death. The supporters of this bill are using evidence in books authored by Cohen to bolster public support of the bill -- which is so aptly called the "Kill the Gays Bill". Above, Maddow dissects Cohen's text, questions the veracity of his own sources and exposes Cohen as an unliscensed pseudo-therapist.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Best for Day 26

Ga save the Queen! Lady Gaga and Her Majesty Elizabeth the Second in London yesterday. Meeting a royal is always best for day!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Spotted @ Toys For Tots at Pier Sixty

The annual Toys for Tots party is what many consider the gay event of the holiday season. With capacity for 2300, the sold out event attracted nearly every gay you have ever met to the Chelsea Piers, providing thousands of gifts to under privileged kids. Of course the draw wasn't completely philanthropic: an open bar fueled the "see and be seen" atmosphere. As one attendee put it, "It's like everyone from low, middle and high tea at one time." Spotted . . . advertising boys Oz Barbosa, Will Meeks, Josh Appelbaum and Jim Murphy . . . bloggers Davis McDavis and Zee Bdr (with his blue flower, naturally) . . . Jack Mackenroth (who is never not out) . . . Mr. Matt Maddox . . . Ru Bhatt . . . Leon Setton working the SAGE table . . . Randolph Frazier making a last minute cameo before the festivities came to a close . . . and literally every tranny you've ever seen on the Friday ferry to the Pines . . .

Friday, December 4, 2009

Best New Kid on the Block

TTT loves a newbie and Baba on Lorimer St. at Powers is the most promising young gun in ages. This one-stop-shop is a hand-in-glove combo of restaurant and retail. Baba offers meats to rival Marlow & Daughters, a fromage selection along the lines of Bedford Cheese Shop and brunch and dinner menus on par with Diner. A perfect new place to brunch with the boyfriend-cute guy in your life or to shop for holiday party nibbles.

Missed Connections 11

The Tranny Times believes in love. Whether it takes you to a Wainscot colonial with a white picket fence or to White Castle after the lights come up at The Mothership, we support men meeting men! As a public service, The Tranny Times trolls Craigslist Missed Connections looking for ads from the love lorn. Each week we collect the best.

Accessories are everything.
Monday afternoon, I was just getting back in town hauling my luggage on the L train. We kept catching each other's eye from across the train, I shoulda said hi! Loved your style and how perfectly your shoes matched your belt. You had Palahniuk's Lullaby hanging out of your BlazerHit me up if you read this :)
Literate and color coordinated: who could ask for anything more? :

Reasons to join a gym
I was going swimming at the ymca, and saw you in the shower. Your hard big cock was on my mind so I only spent a couple of minutes in the pool before coming back up to the sauna, where you and some other guys were jacking off. I jacked of with you and another guy, and then in the shower i loved to see you hot body all soapy-- I wanted to bend down to suck you cock hard, and rub your body all over with my dick. if you were into me i would love to do more. contact me with pictures.
Full body workout :

Tale as old as time . . .
we both got on at lorimer. i got off at union square; think you might have continued on.
me: dark-haired scruffy jew crammed up behind you around 8:40am, trying to read a book whilst getting hit multiple times in the face with an Us Weekly by chick of dubious intelligence; not usually so into boyish blonds, but into you.
you: very, very pretty blond guy in brown leather bomber jacket and sort of golden cords which frankly made your ass look like a bowl of vanilla fucking ice cream. your back was to me so the most interaction we had was when my bag annoying hit your leg a few times, but maybe you'll see this...
The Jew and the Gentile :

When WAMRs miss-connect
You came in today to Woodley & Bunny and got a haircut. I saw you checking me out while I checked you out (on the till, that is)... feel free to contact me. Don't worry I thought you were cute too... and that cut REALLY did look cute on you.
Debit or Credit, babe? :

Short, Sweet, possibly Curried
this morning on the g train towards church av. around 10-11am-ish an indian guy in a trench coat with the hood up listening to an ipod you're cute
Love a trench :

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Must Hear : Senator Diane Savino Staten Island, NY

Before the New York State senate voted down a bill extending marriage rights to same sex couples yesterday, State Senator Diane Savino gave an eloquent, heart-felt and reasonable explanation of government's role in the romantic lives of its citizens and why the bill allowing gays to marry should be passed. Watch Savino's convincing speech above.

Best For Day 25

When asked in by Delta Sky Mag "What is New York's next Meatpacking District?" perennial fashion icon, president of the CFDA and queen bee of the Meatpacking District herself, Diane Von Furstenburg, emphatically replied, "Brooklyn!". Confirmation on something we've been saying from years by DVF is best for day . . .

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Best for Evening : The Manhattan Inn

Not even reviewed by our go-to, NYMag -- The Manhattan Inn is definitely best for winter on almost any occasion. Having been last night with a TTT contributing writer, we were instantly transported into a cozy dream world. Live rag-time and blues echoing from the back room on the white baby grand, a small but well-priced wine list, attentive service, delicious small plates and most important: a perfect dim lightscape. This new gem is perfect for local date, a glass of Syrah with your roomie or even Sunday brunch, rehashing the weekend's festivities with your besties.

Right across the park in Greenpoint- off of Bedford, it's a nice breath of fresh air from the hipsterdom scraggling in off the L. Abolutely TTT editor's pick for this holiday season!

Tranny Treks : Miami Beach, White Party Weekend

Care Resource's White Party has drawn homos from around the globe to Miami Beach each Thanksgiving weekend for 25 years. What began in 1985 as a fundraiser at Vizcaya, a 16th century Italian Renaissance-styled winter home built in the Gilded Age, has turned into a week-long circuit party occupying much of Miami-Dade. The party at Vizcaya alone has raised $10 million to help those with HIV/AIDS.

With its uniform of skimpy bathing suits, gym-built bods and flashy fashion, Miami is pretty gay year round. But during White Party weekend, it just gets gayier. White Party weekend is a muscle queen scene dominated by guys born in the late-60s and early 70s. It's a deep pocket, Power Gay crowd assembled for a good time with or away from their life partners. The requisite Whittall & Shon tank tops paired with 24-hour drinking and "partying" makes for a loosey-goosey atmosphere of butt-grabbing and heavy flirtation up and down Collins Ave.
The central piece of the weekend, The White Party itself, is a much more staid affair. With an all-white dress code, 6:30pm start-time and tickets beginning at $150, the event is more fundraiser than tina-rave. Guests arrive by chauffeured car or party bus at the long, lushly landscaped drive of the Vizcaya property. The entry process is along the lines of the US Open: general admission, VIP, tickets taken, wristbands dispensed and off the trannies go. Once inside, guests are greeted by the event committee and invited to enjoy the evening at Vizcaya. Amusements include a 200 foot buffet of food from the area's top restaurants, a charity casino, drag performances, live celebrity DJ and stunning views of the 1910 mansion, elaborate gardens and Biscayne Bay. Like a Miami winter, the evening is short: the crowd of 500 plus begins thinning out by 10 with the last guest departing to one of the many after parties by 11:30.

Shoes 1

"You can always tell a tranny by her shoes." In "Shoes", TTT gives a stage to the foundation of any fabulous outfit: the boots, loafers, clogs and heels that we all put on each day.
When the invitation calls for "holiday festive" the best reply for footwear is a pair of vintage '90s 18-eye glam glitter print Doc Martens seen here along side a beautifully executed oxford.