Friday, August 21, 2009

Trannies with iPhones

Gurl, you go! You got off the Tracfone, passed AT&T's credit check and bought yourself an information package: YOU BETTA' WERQ that iPhone! Whether sauntering down Bedford on a steamy Sunday in your deep-V, taking advantage of reception between the Marcy and Delancy stops on the JMZ or busting it out in the bathroom at The Mothership to snort a quick line of Chanel off it: that iPhone is your outward badge of having MADE IT in the BIG CITY! You Go! You WERQ! You CHAT, You TEXT, You TWEET and you are NEVA' discreet. But Trannies, ENOUGH with using the i as a cute prop; it's a phone not a puppy or child!

Check out Guys with iPhones here.

For you white collar trannies, this shit is Not Safe For Work!

- La Dame


  1. I just rolled out of my ergonomically-correct, office-supplied swivel chair because I was laughing so hard.

    This is pure genius. Pure, unadulterated mind-speak.

    I die.

  2. The Mothership... hahaha - I opened in a new tab and when I saw the page thought "of course".