Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Missed Connections 3

The Tranny Times believes in love. Whether it takes you to a Wainscot colonial with a white picket fence or to White Castle after the lights come up at The Mothership, we support men meeting men! As a public service, The Tranny Times trolls Craigslist Missed Connections looking for ads from the love lorn. Each week we collect the best.

Wet Spot on Aisle 4:
Hey.... I know this is crazy.... I was sitting in Sunac tonight Tuesday evening. You were checking out. Then we made eye contact, you smiled once and then again and then again. You have a dark beard. really cute. You should've came back and talked to me. I hope you find this. Talk to you soon...
Squeeze his melon:

We could talk or not talk forever. And still find something to not talk about:
hey Karl, we chatted last night at Sugarland, but after you went to get a drink, i couldn't find you anymore... pity! i would like to continue the chat on another occasion. don't be shy like last night (i am too, LOL). your friend had to intervene to get us to speak to one another. i am glad he did that. if you read this, get back to me and tell me what your friend did, so that we can start talking and go for a longer chat sometime. cheers
If you want to talk or chat:

If I wanted to play Clue I would have called Hasbro:
Hey You were at the lazy catfish tuesday, the nadal v monfils match was on, you were standing in front of the tv behind the bar, You had fair features, blond, light eyes, gray shirt, jeans, a messenger bag, and you were talking with two people. I was sitting behind you at a table with friends, I had a hat and glasses on, and a red v neck shirt. Anyway you left pretty quickly so i never had the chance to drink enough liquid courage to say hi. If youre interested in meeting up some time for a chat hit me up. To make sure its you, describe the two people you were with.
Professor Plum with the pipe in the bar:

Coming soon to Xtube:
You had a hairy chest, salmon/red tank top, white trunks, black shoes, surf board, and you were one sexy dude. we kept looking at each other. wasnt sure you were interested until before i left when we locked eyes longingly, haha. i had the short white shorts and the panther-print shirt. you know. hope you think to look on here- i could tell we could have sex for days on end!!!
Endless Summer:

There are no words:
u were a tall man with a toddler on ur shoulders and an infant in your front in a pouch. you had a great semi hard on showing thru your pants, i checked you bulge out , i was walking towards the direction u were coming from. if you read this and u want some sweet wet sloppy head, email me back.
uhhhh . . .

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