Monday, September 14, 2009

Spotted @ Labor Day in the Fire Island Pines

Every tranny in the five boroughs knows there's nothing more quintessentially summer than a weekend in the Fire Island Pines (FIP). Of course, there are other strictly-summer necessities: the Sunday barbecue at Metropolitan, American Apparel deep-v-necks paired with short-shorts and afternoons spent cruising McCarren Park with prosecco nestled in your tranny-tote; but nothing proves you're committed to a season of tickity-tac like going in on a share in the FIP. Eying who's going to be out this weekend while waiting for the ferry, getting too wasted at the teas (low, middle and high), losing your best denim at the underwear party clothes-check and laughing at the saggy ball sacks creeping about the meat rack: these are all things that only those in the FIP-brotherhood can understand.

On this the first true Monday of Fall 2009, TTT looks back on the last weekend of summer: Labor Day in the Fire Island Pines.

In the FIP, beach time is best for day. It's all about hours spent sweating out last night's vodka and checking out who's hottest for night.

Never under estimate the pool scene. When you've got beef in the house, why go out for chicken?

...or monkey business?

Of course day-parties are best for pre-tea.

The Gold Party tore it up on Saturday:

White Diamonds shut it down for Sunday:

"These have always brought me luck..."

And of the three teas, Middle was best for Summer 2009, don't you think?

FIP 2009 was all about fun, sun, fashion and romance. Love took over, I could see your halo and the trannies just danced. It wouldn't be The Fire Island Pines without a few sightings. Spotted . . . a Speedo-clad AJ Ojeda-Pons with Gino Chmo . . . Michael Benevento and man's best friend Maya . . . must-read blogger Zee Bdr and his clickity-clack camera . . . Franco DiLuzio . . . accessory lady, Ryan Jacobs . . . ivy, Justin Carroll . . . the ever-present, ever-charming Matt Maddox . . . Project Runway's, Jack Mackenroth . . . low-Tea tranny Eddie Martinez . . . boyfriends David Leal and Eric Patz bringing the muscle . . . George Poulios . . . Medo Soliman and Nader Dajani representing the hot Arab population . . .

Trannies, Summer 2009 has come and gone, but the memories will live on forever. See you in the city...

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