Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Best For Double Date: Fada

Once your summertime trick matures into a best for fall boyfriend, it's time to integrate him into the friendship circle. Discovered long ago by our hetero-forebearers, double dates are best for killing two birds with one stone: hanging out with your hot piece and letting your friends to see how great he is. We like dinner for doubles; there's booze to loosen everyone up, food to keep their mouths full and a waiter to gang-up on if all else fails. Luckily for the TTT in our latest double-d adventure, these distractions were unnecessary.
Last Friday we sauntered to Fada French Bistro at Driggs and N8th for supper. The quaint, cozy, Euro feel of the place revealed itself as soon as we opened the door. A jazz quartet played in the corner of the amber-lit room dominated by a long bar to the left and a sea of bistro tables on the floor. We sat in the garden, which we highly recommend: the dim lighting is both face-flattering and perfect for hand-holding and stolen kisses. Our waitress was a pretty Padma Lakshmi-type with a great smile. She was quick with the cocktails and highly attentive to the dietary restrictions of one in our company. The ratatouille was hearty and the salade de crevettes et avocats was fresh. Our entrees, chicken and beef, were delicious as well. There was no wait for our table and the bill was 2/3 what it would have been had we dined in the West Village, LES or Soho. Fabulous food, snappy service and lovely lighting; why leave Williamsburg when Fada is best for double dates?

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