Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Spotted@ Mr. Maddox's first 29th Birthday Bash

B-Bar, home of the Tuesday night Beige party, played host to a very special birthday on Sunday when Matt Maddox celebrated his first annual 29th birthday with an afternoon soirée for 80. Mr. Maddox entertained on the outdoor patio with scrumptious hors de'ourves, cocktails and his renowned charm. The centerpiece of the celebration was the singing of "Happy Birthday" around a delicious Italian chocolate birthday cake from Veniero's bearing a boyhood likeness of everyone's favorite lawyer. Being Mr. Popular, Maddox's birthday was essentially a Fire Island reunion. Spotted: . . . textbook GPC, Nick George and Joey Fernandez making sure everything ran smoothly . . . executive recruiter to legal hotshots, Ru Bhatt . . . Maddox's FIP housemates, Joe Nuzzi, Walter Frye, Brent Pelton, and Tom Carberry (singing show tunes as usual) . . . ginge-daddy Ted Shields . . . blogger, Zee Bdr and his man..... language aficionado, corporate lawyer and the recently (and thankfully) un-mustached David Cody Dydek . . . Jon Biondo, Ryan Coutu, and Tim Horman, the party-trio behind . . .

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  1. Wow! I just blogged about his party too! I had a GREAT time! Of course I missed the chance to identify three trannies!! Damn!!!