Monday, October 19, 2009

Spotted @ Sunday Socializing: Disco Daddy and Vandam at Greenhouse

With memories of summer tea dances fading as fast as our once beach-ready figures, the fall party season is revving right up. As partying goes, Fridays are low-key, Saturdays are a given but Sundays are blazing new tranny trails. Disco Daddy downstairs at The Delancy is a real treat. Cute fashion boys bump body parts next to more rugged daddy-types. The music is house disco (think Grace Jones with a house beat) and the party starts at a Monday morning-friendly 6pm. The Vandam party at Greenhouse took a nosedive during the summer but reintroduced itself as the place to be with their killer VMA afterparty. The space of legend is back in full force with a hot crowd of every type including 6'5" trannies who put on outrageous hourly shows upstairs. Vandam at Greenhouse is THE party for fall '09. Spotted on Sunday . . . Eastern Bloc resident DJ Josh Sparber and boyfriend . . . Columbia cutie Brad Mullins . . . Hooman Pishdad and Jeff Fraiman hosting their friend Mikey from DC . . . Ehab Ammar and Mickael Dahan . . . the prettiest drag girl of them all, Bijoux . . .

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