Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Best For Day 21 : Bloomberg's 3rd Term

Yesterday, New York voters selected Michael Bloomberg as the mayor of the greatest city in the world for a third time. TTT says go Bloomie! He's a firm supporter of gay rights and gay marriage, Bloomberg's also the guy who is europeanizing a number of city corridors by making them pedestrian and cyclist-friendly. Mike's the man who outlawed smoking in bars (saving New York City trannies millions in dry cleaning bills) and has plans to extend the 7 train westward to 8th and possibly 10th ave. (which would revolutionize socializing with Hells Kitchen ticities). Sure he changed the mayoral term limit law and may have "bought" his reelection, but we love a man who can get things done and pick up the tab! Here's to four, eight or 16 more years M.B.! Mazel!

1 comment:

  1. Extend that 7 train, Bloombie! Connect me to my people!