Monday, November 9, 2009

Spotted @ Christies

As summer has certainly graduated into autumn, brunch al fresco and sunset picnics are being replaced with matinées and art installations. Sunday afternoon, TTT editors had the opportunity for a private viewing of Christie's postwar and contemporary art collection which will go to the auction block on Tuesday evening. Among the many gems that will adorn the homes of European collectors and museums across the globe was J.M. Basquiat's above pictured Brother Sausage, a 6-paneled work that is expected to go for around $12,000,000, this is mere pocket change for Valentino Garavani who was there deciding which palazzo he might purchase the piece for.

Also spotted: New York's fashion prince, Marc Jacobs and friend-- eyeing some Warhol.... Art dealer to the stars, Haley Cohen....Beauty ging' Ashley Riegle....and far too many Birkins...

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