Thursday, December 10, 2009

Another Misstep of a DoucheMag

Details has devoted a double page spread to what they've dubbed DoucheFags: gay guys who are taking tacky to a new level. The piece compares "regular" gay guys with gay "DoucheFags" creating an arbitrary distinction between the two based on taste and behavior. For instance, regular "gays" give a tip to the cute delivery boy while "DoucheFags" play just the tip with him: it's both offensive and so poorly written most of the "examples" are simply bad puns! When a heterosexual men's fashion and lifestyle magazine starts making fun of homosexual men who, according to the piece, are too caught up in fashion and "the lifestyle", the only conclusion is that the lady doth protest too much. Or in terms Details readers can digest, "You guys are the real DouchFags." To think this closet case, bully spread come after "Gay or Asian?" -- the offensive May 2004 piece that led to boycotts by both Asian-American and Gay groups for which Details later apologized -- is mind blowing. Details is what has taken tacky to a new level.

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