Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Must Hear : Rachel Maddow v.s. gay-to-straight author

Desk-job trannies use information each day to make the case for a defense strategy, business solution or communications platform. Information is a powerful commodity; when well-leveraged it can decide the fate of assets, campaigns and lives. Rachel Maddow, a Rhodes Scholar who holds a PhD in politics, understands the power of information and what ends, both good and evil, it can achieve. This is why Maddow took "gay-to-straight counselor" Richard Cohen to task for his book Coming Out Straight on last night's show. Anti-gay groups in Uganda are pushing a bill that could punish gay Ugandans, and those who associate with them, with penalties including death. The supporters of this bill are using evidence in books authored by Cohen to bolster public support of the bill -- which is so aptly called the "Kill the Gays Bill". Above, Maddow dissects Cohen's text, questions the veracity of his own sources and exposes Cohen as an unliscensed pseudo-therapist.

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