Friday, January 8, 2010

Best For Day 28

When you think about it, there's nothing more homo than a wedding. Obsessing for months over invitation calligraphy and flower arrangements, dithering over who'll sit next to whom and cramming 8 of your fraternity/secret society buds into 2 Vegas hotel rooms for a long, hormone-fueled weekend of drinking and last minute sex -- the wedding ritual is essentially an Atlantis cruise! That said, one wonders why it took Martha and co. 15 years to include a gay wedding celebration in Martha Stewart Weddings but TTT is pleased to report that they have done so and with taste. Instead of making a commotion about Martha's first gay wedding, the magazine placed the union of Jeremy Hooper and his husband Andrew Shulman alongside other well-done weddings with no mention of it being same-sex. Whether the MSW team feels it was late in joining the gay wedding party or simply has the good taste not to draw attention to itself, gay weddings in Martha Stewart Weddings is a step in the right direction and, best for day! Download a PDF of the piece here.

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