Monday, January 25, 2010

Purge 2 : Shit Lists

Picture it: Saturday night at The Mothership, you're mid-sip on a vodka soda whilst in the early stages of courting that evening's sleep and scram when some livid queen appears and scream/slurs in your flawless face, "YOU'RE ON MY SHIT LIST." It happens all too often, a minor social blunder gets blown out of proportion by an overly sensitive homo resulting in a prissy bitch fit in a public place. Trannies need to reign it in and keep it real: if a dude blows you off, stands you up or forgets your name return the favor in kind. Walking around with a running tally of who's wronged you is no way to live. Forget the offense and forget that the dude exists -- or in the very least keep it to yourself, bitterness is never sexy.

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