Thursday, February 25, 2010

Must Hear, Must Have

New Brit "it" girl V.V. Brown is making a name for herself state-side. With her recent show at Brooklyn Bowl, Ms. Brown knocked the bowling socks off of attendees with her crowd-pleasers, 'Shark in the Water' and 'Crying Blood.'
Mark this tranny's words, this is one to watch. Reminiscent of a playful Amy Winehouse, mixed with modern doo-wop, Ms. Brown is ruffling feathers. It's just pure, whimsical fun. The perfect tunes to put you in the mood for Spring.
Want context? V.V. co-wrote the Pussycat Dolls' 'PCD'. She also wrote a few songs for the Sugababes, the U.K.'s latest girl-band craze. Not bad for a 26-year old, huh?
Check out Ms. Brown in an acoustic piece filmed for Paper magazine.

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