Friday, March 12, 2010

Flashback Friday 1

Flaskback Fridays is a weekly window into the past. Pre-blogs, Pre-Gaga, (mostly) Pre-9/11: Flashback Fridays focuses on what was relevant before you got your first fake ID.
The first Flashback Friday is a two-parter documenting Michael Alig's 1989 Outlaw Party at McDonald's in Times Square. It was a 200-person invasion and all the big club kids were there : "Party Monster", Alig, himself; James St. James; Keoki plus still-relevant media folks: Michael Musto and Patrick McMullin, and a bunch of, high-off-their-asses, happy-as-shit partiers. All this at a McDonalds! Makes you feel like an ass for going to Boiler Room, doesn't it?

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