Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Spotted @ Sugarbabies' Spring Boy Drive

As anticipated, The Tranny Times' Sugarbabies Happy Hour at The Townhouse was a runaway hit. Over 50 guys took part in the "Spring Boy Drive" which introduced a stable of new guys to regulars of the after-work mixer. SPOTTED at the Townhouse . . . PR boys, Darren Back, Michael Grela, Tim Rathschmidt . . . representing the garment district, Kari Green, Jack Eustace, Tom Carberry, Ryan Lerner, Matt Smith, Doug Reker . . . the usual architects, Ben Salling, Eric Hastings, Bryan Hale . . . the Matthew Williamson sequin-studded porn-producer Jincey Lumpkin consulting with Nathan Kipe . . . the boys from Colgate/Palmolive lead by Jorge Fontanez . . . the girls : Elizabeth Harrell, Gabsy Goldman, Clare Hewdat, Dorian Mergler, Stephanie Benatar, Lauren Conklin . . . the ever-radiant Matthew Maddox . . .

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  1. I missed this one! I definitely make it next one!