Monday, March 8, 2010

Worst for Day

The "shocking" story of the elected official who built a career supporting legislature that denies rights to gays and lesbians being forced out of the closet after a scandal is so familiar it's cliché. Yesterday, California state Sen. Roy Ashburn (R) told conservative talk show host Inga Barks, "I am gay." in a radio interview. Last week, Ashburn was pulled over by police leaving Faces, a gay nightclub in Sacramento, with another man in the passenger seat. He also told Barks that he will not seek public office after his term ends this year and asked people to pray for him.
Uh no. Pray for the poor guy caught in your Chevy Tahoe that night! His friends will never let him live that down. Pray for the gay and lesbian couples and families robbed of their rights for fourteen years. Pray for the individuals who live more honestly than you, people whose lives you, as a public servant, made more difficult. For projecting your self-hatred onto others you receive no prayers, or sympathy. But if we are passing Faces in Sacramento California at happy hour and see your Tahoe parked out front, we'll come in to let you by us margaritas. Asshole.

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