Thursday, April 1, 2010

Best for Day : Blond Tips

Every tranny thinks she's freakin' Emily Post. From "the Countess" LuAnn to New York Magazine everyone has an opinion on correct etiquette. With all this "expertise" floating around, how come most New Yorkers act like junkyard dogs when it comes to common courtesy? The need for clear-cut, useful rules of decorum is why we LOVE the simple, direct, indisputable advice given by PR maven Susan Blond in her video series, "Blond Tips". The video above handles one of New Yorkers' most uncomfortable moments, the awkward moment the restaurant bill arrives. (Younger men, pay special attention to "when the other party offers to pay". If you aren't going to split, at least REACH for your wallet. It's a simple gesture that prevents your date from feeling like a john.) Love a good tip! "Blond Tips" are best for day.

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