Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Must Hear, Must Have

Although we all deeply love Ms. Lady Ga, it's time to transition not only your closet, but your iPod to your Fall collection. Pure Pop will always be a tranny's sheer delight, but let's segway into fall with something a little slower than our summer jams. Don't worry, the below artists still offer us catchy melodies that are bound to stick in your head.

Let's start with something nice and easy (we all like that) to set the mood. Go download Diana Birch. This classy Kitty displays a keen resemblance to Joni Mitchell via your ear drums. She also assimiliates into the Karen Carpenter camp. Birch's latest album, Bible Belt, offers a smooth jazz voice over a piano and soul background. This isn't your Granny Tranny's jazz. Birch offers an updated twist on gospel fervor, doo-wop harmonies, country-blues guitar and classic AM radio-style melodies.

"Nothing but a Miracle"


Now for something a bit more fast and loose, which we all lurve. Set your sights on Kate Earl. Ms. Earl gives us a little something fun to play with. With hints of Bossa Nova and chards of Pop throughout, Kate croons a present straight to your headphones. Light, airy and fun, Ms. Earl gives us something to chew on for fall. Think Jem, Amy Winehouse and Mandy Moore all jammed into one ear-bud.



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