Thursday, September 3, 2009

Phoning in a Worst for Day

Uhhhh yeah . . . that's Sarah Jessica Parker. They're back: filming has begun for Sex and the City 2 : Menopausal Boogaloo. Apparently the actors are being mobbed by fans (tourists). Here are pictures from the shoot. Based on the clothes and luggage, I say it's a flashback to Carrie's early days in the city . . . if Carrie moved her as a spry, 57-year-old, crudely transgendered aerobics instructor. Did they travel to the future to film a flashback?! Get a new shtick already! Dreading the manufactured I <3 NY! cocktails! SHOES! mania . . .


  1. this better be shot in the most gossamer, greased-up, soft focus lens available

  2. maybe this is supposed to be the future! she look TERRIBLE!!!