Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Spotted @ Sugarbabies

Last night marked the inaugural Sugarbabies happy hour of the 2009-2010 season. One Tuesday a month, from September to April, a swarm of the city's pretties descend upon the unlikely Townhouse for drinks from 6 to 10pm . . . or last man standing. Sugarbabies lowers the landmark gay establishment's mean age from "eligible for Social Security" to "just graduated Brown" -- hence the event's name. The Townhouse insists upon a strict dress code which the Sugarbabies adhere to to a tee: a collared shirt is requisite but most 'babies take this opportunity to sport tweeds, bow ties and better loafers. Spotted downing martinis around the baby grand . . . architects Ben Salling and Bryan Hale along with banker-boyfriend Nicholas Sebastian D'Angelo . . . LL.M. candidate Anderson Duff and Patroon Restaurant's head of private events Beth Harrell . . . Michael Mohrlang and Glen Cunningham . . . media buyer turned model Eboni Inge and Kari Green, currently at Liz Claiborne . . . Nathan Kipe and Laure Borot visiting from Paris . . . Matt Maddox (as always) with p.r. girl Tim Rathschmidt . . .


  1. and the comment......."well, they are good for business"" ha!

  2. Mr. Contenti was also in attendance. Why do Maddox and Rathschmidt lack industry shout-outs compared to the rest of the tranny roll-call?

    Suga, suga!