Thursday, September 24, 2009

Zac leaves Dresses Behind for Interior Design

Zac Posen is def one of TTT's favorite imaginary boyfriends, so we were saddened to hear that his company is probs going belly up. Lucky for Zacsy, he's got another gig lined up. Posen is teaming up with Morris Adjmi on a luxury residential project near the Flatiron building. Posen will be doing interiors, natch. It's great to hear that he's got something to keep him busy while he sorts out his fashion label, we just hope he doesn't go the way of another promising, young, New York designer. The one whose name rhymes with Bissac Bizrahi, who went bankrupt early on, diversified himself too thinly to make ends meet and has been "making a comeback" for the last decade. Mazel tov on the project Zac! We hope it all works out!

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