Friday, October 9, 2009

Missed Connections 6

The Tranny Times believes in love. Whether it takes you to a Wainscot colonial with a white picket fence or to White Castle after the lights come up at The Mothership, we support men meeting men! As a public service, The Tranny Times trolls Craigslist Missed Connections looking for ads from the love lorn. Each week we collect the best.

I'm gonna go with NO for $400

waiting on the G at the hoyt schermerhorn station, i believe you asked if the G went to Classon?
you stood on the G by the door opposite to where i was standing, and i think you were looking at me, did you smile?
you got off at Classon but didn't turn back, let me know if this is you and if you are down to hang some time?
Double Jeopardy:

There's an App for that.
Hey, so last night you were outside of Hugs bar on n6 smoking. I came up to you and asked if you knew if there was an ATM inside and you said nope. anyways im not sure if you are even gay, or bi, or interested, but you were really cute and if you interested I would like to meet up.
I have a feeling he's a PC:

Didn't your mom teach you not to talk to strangers?
You were the cute young waiter who served us Saturday night - I was with my friend (she's just a friend, I swear!) and you had to come back several times to take our orders b/c we were talking too much and were never ready to order. You had the most adorable smile and I tried to make eye contact with you a bunch of times but either you were too busy or were not interested.
My friend and I sat in the mirrored corner - we came in at 8 and stayed for quite a while. She was white; I was black. If you remember me and have any interest, let me know.... ; )
. . . .or WAMRs:

Love a DL Haseed!
I've seen you around the neighborhood a couple of times. You're an adorable Jew-boy with the yarmulke and all. Saw you at the CVS tonight with your father (?) and brother (?), and smiled at you in the parking lot. If you're interested, drop me a line, and add a pic so I know its you.
Mazel! :

Legitimately Cute
We smiled at each other briefly at the Atlantic/Pacific station while we were both waiting for the train. I was wearing jeans, a black jacket, red Converse. You: skinny, jeans, New Balance sneakers. I thought you were really cute. We both got on the 3 train. I was reading "The Flowers of Evil/Paris Spleen" by Baudelaire and not particularly wanting to engage. As I left the train at Borough Hall, I saw you smiling at me and I unabashedly smiled back right before the train started speeding away. Chances are you won't read this but if you do I would love to get a drink with you. Send me a response with some sort of detail or a picture. Cheers!
Call him, skinny-jean boy!:

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