Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Tranny Treks: BARCELONA

Sexy Barcelona... its beautiful grand boulevards, shadowed by balcony lined residences. Wines bars, beaches, sunsets to die for and the men: lean, tan skin with curly locks and piercing eyes. Now hailed as the gay mecca of Europe, the city is ripe with homobars, clubs and even gay hotels, not to mention bursting with design stores and Gaudian architecture.
Now lets see how things compare in BCN to our own little burg:

Saturday evening festivities:
11211- A casual drink with the girls from work in midtown; then home to shower and get out the cheeses vino for apps with you new fall beau and co. by 9:00, you all get to talking about how to redo the living room and decide to order in rather than make a spectacle of dinner. With some talking-into, you head into the city around 11:00 to meet up with some of your straight friends in the east village then heading to boiler for a "nightcap", ah..... reminiscing the summer nights already...

BCN - It's 6:30: beach-time sun had lasted longer than you thought, the oceanside libations kept everything lively. Head back the the apartment for a cocktail and take a nice nap on the terrace. Wake up around 9:00 feeling groggy-- nothing Karl cant help with. Get ready for the evening, friends arrive around 10:30 for drinks before heading out of dinner. Tapas are best for evening-- not too filling, finish dinner around 1 and head to the "Gayxaimple" for drinks with the boys. Stop by a friends for a brief trunk show before heading to Metro disco-- make it there by 4:00 just as it starts getting busy. By 6:00, its choose your own adventure....

Libation of choice:
11211- Oregon pinot noirs and Austrian grunerveltliners at home and the typical $16 cocktail with your straights in the city.

BCN- Dry Spanish whites at dinner. Cuban rum and plenty cold vodka.

Tracks on the dance floor:
11211- Chet baker, Ella, Mr. Davis and God-- a tranny cant help but play a little Ga to get out of the house...

BCN- A.R. Rahman, Ga, Euro-Circuit music

11211 - The more recent trannies that you bonded with on FIP over the summer and their respective interests. Later on, your JAP-y work friends and their various platonic straight-guy counterparts.

BCN - Everyone is a designer of sorts: graphic, interior, clothing..... name your poison. A few boys from Amsterdam that you remember from a few years back.

But, the most notable difference.........
BCN - Not to sound overly enthused but..... hot hot hot. Spanish men and their various Latin American congregants live in the sexiest city in the world; it has that reputation for a reason. Sexuality is very open, very straight forward; something definitely lacking in this part of the world.

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