Friday, January 22, 2010

Missed Connections 13

The Tranny Times believes in love. Whether it takes you to a Wainscot colonial with a white picket fence or to White Castle after the lights come up at The Mothership, we support men meeting men! As a public service, The Tranny Times trolls Craigslist Missed Connections looking for ads from the love lorn. Each week we collect the best.

We're going to go with Foxy on this one.
Ive seen you twice now on the train and I think you're straight, but meh, you never know. I saw you looking back towards me and my friend and we were trying to figure out who you were looking at. She is pretty foxy, so its anyone's guess. Or maybe you were just trying to figure out why we were looking at you. haha.

You're probably 5'10" to 6'. Reddish looking beard with reddish-brown hair. Orange shoes or orange and black runners. Anyhow, you always get off at Myrtle-Wykoff and maybe you should take it another stop one day. We could get off together. Zing! Oh yea, I am short, brown hair, beard, grey coat, few rings in my face and an all around rad guy.
A few rings in the face? You need to Wind your Neck :

Are you insulated?
We made out for ages at Sugarland on Saturday. Your name is Will (I think?) and you bought a Red Stripe and then said you would be right back (giving me the beer) but never came back. I waited for a few but it was late and I had to leave. E-mail me if you get this bc I think you're cute and would love to get together.
Because you sound like a beer coozie!

Everyone should have limits . . .
I alwasy see you at gym. You are about 40 muscular with a belly and glasses. We made a connection twice once in the bathroom where i say your cock which is at least 9 inches and thick and today i saw you outside while i was in my car playing with my phone. Let me know if you were read this? Love to get together.
you should establish a few in 2010 :

At least your clothes are fresh . . .
Hey there. We were both just picking up laundry. I was ringing up and you came in and got your clothes out of the dryer. I was on the phone,work call and couldn't get off but sorry I didn't. I was wearing a baseball hat. Wish I said hello. Let me know if you read this.
because the 'busy with work' excuse is stale :

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