Friday, February 5, 2010

Must Read : If You Have to Cry Go Outside

Like every news outlet with taste, TTT is obsessed with Bravo's "Kell on Earth". Kelly Cutrone is no doubt a bitch, but never for "bitchiness"'s sake. The New York fashion mover and shaker runs a tight ship with no room for empty-headed, over-eager blondes. In true bitch form, she seemingly ignores the fact that it was two blondes, Lauren Conrad and Whitney Port, who made her part of the national conversation. (Or was it Cutrone who made them?) It's with this love of Cutrone's no nonsense operating style that we are at the ready to read If You Have to Cry, Go Outside, Cutone's guide to life aimed at "young women at gay boys". Sound the alarm to book clubs in all 5 boroughs and await the barrage of Cutrone's bon mots ringing out in gay bars from Hells Kitchen to dinner parties in Park Slope.

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