Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Shake Up in Fire Island

Blogs from Queerty to Gawker are buzzing with news of the major real estate shake up in Fire Island Pines. Details are few but what is confirmed is that Eric Von Kuersteiner and his partner Tony Roncalli have a deal to sell basically everything at the center of FIP (the Blue Whale, the Pavillion, the grocery store, restaurant, gym, the only hotel in the Pines and rights to the Ascension party) for a cool $18 mil. The buyer is 23 year-old, Seth Weissman -- yes, twenty three -- pictured above, center. No one is confirming details on Weissman but rumor has it he's from a wealthy (clearly) Long Island family and possibly a hedge funder. The TTT editorial board has a combined total of 25 friends in common with Weissman on Facebook so someone must know something. All we know is that FIP has a new most popular boy!

New details have emerged. The buyer is in fact Scott Jordan Weissman. He's either 23 or 26, has lived in a $1.1 mil apartment in Gramercy since April 2008, originally from Rye Brook. UPenn grad, works for Perry Capital (for this guy), Goldman alum, donor to the Victory Fund. If funding for this deal comes through -- and working for Richard Perry, we're sure it will -- meet the new boy-emperor of Fire Island.

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